Hello, I'm new to the site. I would like to do my best to contribute in any possible way. I'm very new to the Ascended Masters so please help me learn! I have unfortunately come here out of grave necessity. Had it not been for the trauma I've endured over the last 2 years I don't think I would have come this far into seeking the light. I am looking for friends and a support group for my spiritual health.

I'm sure you are all very aware of the dark powers and evil government we have here (especially the USA). I have had an awful encounter with these negative forces. It started 2 years ago when I noticed helicopters beginning to surround my house. I kept telling my mom that it was strange but she thought nothing of it. Then heavy military planes began flying by. I started to feel strange and I knew for a fact that they were messing with me. They then drugged me from my house, through my air vents, from the sky, filling the air with a thick smog. During this time my mother and everyone around me would not believe me and told me it was all in my head. Sometime after this I would wake up making involuntary hand movements and I would cry out to Adonai for deliverance to no avail. Morning after morning my hands would be swinging in the air robotically until my boyfriend brought me to the hospital. After meeting many strange people there that obviously were not normal workers, they put an IV in my arm and told me to relax. I started to feel this artificial type of weight fall down upon my body from allover, like a heavy heat. I kept fighting it until finally I fell asleep. After that I woke up in a mental hospital where things got even weirder, and much much worse. I had never woken up somewhere not knowing how I got there.

I have been going through this same cycle for 2 long years while still seeking help from spiritual sources, I've been put in and out of mental hospitals close to 15-20 times. Each time coming out worse than before. And the hardest part is no one will believe me. I want to be treated with respect again, and not have people tell me that I'm crazy so that they put me in hospitals where I'm damaged and injected with needles and forced pills.

Currently I am facing awful problems with my heart chakra (that they have full control over). That seems to be what they are using mostly. 

I could tell you lots more. I know some of the faces of these people/ Many are well known from places in the government and top universities.

I've been trying to contact Lord Melchizedek and he is listening for certain! Also the Archangels. But I know there are lightworkers and light beings even beyond anything I've found on the internet or read anywhere else. I don't know what to call these beings. I have fallen in love with Natalie Glasson and her channelings. It's amazing that she is so close to the Archangels. 

Thank you for reading this. I hope my message isn't out of place.

Light and love =]


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Hi Natalie!

I just subscribed because i wanted to speak with you =]

I will add you on facebook, it will be easier to speak!


your experience is your experience. nobody can invalidate or validate it. ultimately we are all alone even though we may think we are not. the whole institution of government is illegitimate but that is a whole other story as no one ever agreed to government by contract with full disclosure and of sane and sound mind. nothing has changed from the days of the king so to speak. nothing good can ever come from government. it is oppressive by design and nature. that is why it threatens you with force and violence (police, courts etc.) when you don't comply. it is an institution based on keeping fear alive.  


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