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Siddhanta Yoga, Jivanmukti

Jivanmukti a true Siddha Yogini offer on youtube the most life changing and powerful video transmission that I have ever seen and received. Everything is free and available for all of us, you can even ask her all the questions that you may have and she will answer you.

If you really want to awaken kundalini shakti and walk on the path of Perfect Ascended Masters ( called Siddhar into India) you have just to watch these videos and follow the instructions.

In the past sadhak had to reach a true Guru into secluded place to have a chance to receive such powerful kundalini initiation.

These videos channel real and extremly powerful shaktipat and energetic transmissions, also very deep teaching on true sadhana. At this time she has done 30 videos.

May all being be awakened and receive ocean of Grace, Love and Blessings !

Start by watch this one :

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