Hi everybody,

I am treating a client who probably has a curse or some negative attachment placed on him. I remember there was a posting some time ago about an energy program for curse removal. I can't find it using the search option. Can anybody point me to it please?

I would also like to know whether anybody has experience with curses and strong negative influences.


Love and Light


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I sometimes like to think negatively
when I plan something I have not done.

Thanks for your replies Hannah and Oni!

Hannah, I have started the attunements of Negative Entities Clearing Reiki. However, I thought there also was something else really called "curse removal" or something like that. Might have been an another community though.

I will also look up the Healing Package Clearing from Amba.

Oni, I don't really mean negative thinking but negative energies sent by someone to someone else to cause harm.

Love and Light


using the following algorithm:

"Annihilate all negative programs,negative algorithms ,
negtive energy and all defects acquired
original matrix of this being perfect and restore
matrix Spirit Light as far as he is his
«Name» permitted by God. "or

Thank you very much Carolina!



I found on the you tube a divine healing. I hope that you enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBC8pM5X8cQ

Also i found a protection prayer to say http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/protectionprayer.htm 

Thanks you very much Mihaita!!



with pleasure

Silver- violet flame
It requires heat in palms : Saint- Germain , please give me
Your silver- violet flame to clean the rooms, houses
Once received in the hands , it may increase mental
can clean the area with it. It mentalised as the
palm leaves a flaming burning everything negative encounters
way. Silver- violet flame is all too effective in cleaning
houses , high vibration makes them evil entities not to
resist , based spirits before her , and entities
disease ( ENM , ECM or ESCM ) being burned are destroyed.
using Spheres
It relies Melchizedec spheres , Metatron 's Cube , spheres
InfoReiki or other spheres of light and condition to
running in a clean room and continuously entities and
negative energy or magic acts prevailing in that
You can invoke the same purpose Cube Life and Flower
Crosses of Light
Sitting in the middle of the floor , palms plot crosses
Sea and onto the walls and ceiling. They clean everything
track meet .
I recommend double cross made ​​three each
wall .
It makes the following prayer , which aims to bring the
Light room entities for help. made of
soul , that prayer opens the first heaven to
God the Father.


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