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“Greetings, dear Star Travelers. We are the collective consciousness of the Pleiadian High Council. We have our emissary Tashkoor’Eeah ready to convey our messages to you. This channel is one of us, a Pleiadian Elf in a past life. As we touch upon this subject, all of you reading this and feel the call, the connection to us… you too had at least one Pleiadian incarnation.
It is our mission to open up your consciousness to understanding your Galactic Heritage. Our emissary will now step forward, for she will be our voice from now on.

Greetings, I am Tashkoor’Eeah. My name is related to many star portals, and will help you anchor the codes you receive while reading this message. We aim to bring forth new codes which your light bodies are able to integrate, and soften the surrounding harsh energies further.

As you do your spiritual work and routines, you may call upon your personal Pleiadian Guide(s) and ask for a perspective of how best to work with them. The more often you connect, without overdoing, the easier your bond will become. Know that you are always guided at any level possible.
We love you deeply and unconditionally. Blessed be. Adoni.”

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Samalia, 28-8-2019
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