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I received word from someone that this is not only possible, but that has been done before by a few others whose planned such an event but it never happened by other channelers. Something feels different about this set up, not only that, I have had a few people come to me and say this not only has actually happened to them, but that they were able to be contacted for further clarification on what they must do to sign up for the program.

Here is a copy of the post about this, the link to the original post as I have seen it can be found here. All feedback welcome!

Dear starseeds,
Here is an interesting volunteering opportunity for you. I am an author of couple of books on extraterrestrials. I have been talking to extraterrestrials via a channeler for many hours and made friends with several aliens from a galactic alliance called Girk Fitneer. This is an alliance of Pleiadians, Yahyel and Arcturians. Also, Lyrans and other alien races are involved via their individual volunteers. In the summer of 2013, they invited a few humans to create human colonies in space on their ships (2 colonies are on spaceships and one in a secret location on Earth). By now (Fall of 2013), there are 2 colonies of total about 110 humans. This number changes as humans come and go. They are taking shifts and returning to their life on Earth. Total over 180 human volunteers have visited the colonies.
The goal of the colonies is to establish contact and to learn about each other. The conditions in the colonies are comfortable; humans are given a few alien technologies and are helped to create comfort in their quarters and meeting rooms. The activities include learning, group meditations, discussions and field trips. All humans in the colonies are volunteers who gave fully informed consent and who have an option to return within hours upon request. Although the conditions in the colonies are good, no one may guarantee full comfort and safety. For example, humans who come from different places and backgrounds may find each other incompatible, so human-human conflict may arise. Also there may be problems with the aliens who are often overly secretive and sometimes may behave in an overly authoritarian fashion. Also travel between Earth and the motherships may be bumpy. The appearance of the aliens may cause unease in some. All these unpleasant things are negligible compared to the historical importance and urgency of establishing human-alien contact and understanding. Therefore the work of the volunteers is very important and needed.
My alien friends invite humans to submit applications for the work in the colonies. Again, the work involves mostly learning and communicating. This work is not physical; it is the work of expanding contact and learning each other’s culture. Apparently, the aliens understand our culture almost as little as we understand theirs.
If you want to volunteer to work at the colonies, submit your application here:
If you like, you can also submit your application anonymously here via a web form (LINK). The aliens have a way of tracing you and humans do not.
In the application you may give your name, or remain anonymous. It doesn’t matter. With their technology, they usually have a way to trace and contact you. Assume that the application is not fully confidential, although we don’t expect it to be hacked and published on the web. We may briefly look at your applications, but it is the aliens who will review them seriously. The aliens don’t respond by email, unfortunately. So far, they restricted their responses to telepathic communications and contacts via local channelers/psychics.
Not all applicants will be contacted by the aliens. (Currently, as of October 2013, they are seriously considering only about 10% of applicants). They are interested mostly in people with high spiritual and psychic abilities. Since all of our alien friends are telepathic, they are looking for humans who could potentially speak with them telepathically. In addition to psychics and telepaths, they are interested in people who are talented leaders, organizers, public speakers, talented diplomats, talented psychological counselors, good at working with people, can coordinate people and solve psychological problems. They are looking for people who think globally and can advise aliens and humans on solving global problems: social, ecological, geomagnetic, climatic, political, economic etc. Mostly, there is a need for a change in the human way of life and the aliens need advice from humans on how to help our race to survive and evolve, which requires global thinking. This is why people of high spiritual vibration, good communicators and global thinkers are needed most at the moment. Another category are facilitators and interpreters, those who would help new humans to accommodate to the colony, and also those who could help aliens and humans find common understanding when the aliens come down to Earth. This is an art in itself.
In your application, explain why are you interested in working in the colonies, what is your motivation, how you could help. You can be brief or talkative, this doesn’t matter, as they can read quickly.
Currently, they are committed to take only volunteers who consented to the work in the colonies. Also, currently, they are taking people only for short visits for up to 2 weeks in a time. They are permitted to manipulate time a bit so the taken people come home minutes later after they were taken, so their Earth life continues without interruption. The volunteers have the right to return home upon request at any time.
Your consent and commitment really matters in the application. So describe it adequately in the application. The aliens are determined to take only the volunteers who have fully consented. Since the ability of aliens to communicate to the humans on the ground is very limited (to telepathy and channeling), your upfront full consent and commitment could make it easier for the aliens to take you. Obviously, make sure that you are ready before applying and if you change your mind you may withdraw the application.
For the future, since the colony needs "long-term" personnel, the aliens are looking for ways to keep the volunteers months or years. For the "long-term" the volunteers will be actually absent from the ground. They will not take you for a long stay without taking you for a short stay first. So don't worry that you will be taken and miss some of the ground life. But for the future, decide for yourself if you can leave the ground for a long term and reflect this in a separate part of the application "LONG-TERM".
Keep in mind that our alien friends have real difficulty understanding the concept of compensation for work. They assume that the humans are working at the colony because they want to help our civilization and not for any sort of personal gain. They have real difficulty understanding that volunteers who would leave the Earth for months and years would need money upon return to settle and re-integrate into the society. So currently the work in the colony is not paid with money. If you figure out how to make money in a positive way, this would be good. Maybe you could write a book upon your return.
Although nobody is compensated with money, you may indirectly benefit from the volunteer work in the colonies. One thing, it may be a good idea to request medical service, some of alien technologies are miraculous. They may be able to treat cancer or implant healthy teeth, things of this sort. No guarantees though. We don’t know how much of medical miracles they are willing or permitted to do. Also, you may request from the aliens to be taught languages and other knowledge. They have technologies which can teach you a language in a very short time.
Applications from families or groups who would like to go together are also welcome. Pets are permitted sometimes. One of the colonies currently includes pets and families with children.
These questions are only suggested. If you are telepath, you may keep your application brief, they will talk to you telepathically. If you are not a telepath, you may use the application to communicate your desire and circumstances to the aliens.
1. Are you fully committed now or do you need more information? Can you provide your consent now?
2. Do you need a notice before being taken? (Assume that you will be absent on the ground only few minutes)
3. What are your telepathic and psychic abilities?
4. How can you contribute to the work of the colonies?
5. Outline your ways of thinking globally. Suggest ways for the colonies and the aliens to help the humanity globally.
6. You may describe your previous alien contacts if you had any. The aliens generally know your history of contacts but they often don't know the level of your awareness of those.
7. LONG-TERM section:
a. Are you interested and capable of joining the work of the colony long-term?
b. Who would you need to accompany you for the long term stay?
c. For how long can you leave the ground (weeks, months, years, forever)?
8. Although the colonies are located in our dimension, the technology of taking volunteers from the ground and transporting to a colony is transdimensional. (Simply said, it uses magic - the volunteers is guided through a temporary portal). There is a possibility of technology failing (since it is affected by energies) in which case you may be harmed. It doesn’t happen frequently but you need to be warned. Also, as the colonies are located in space, there are typical dangers associated with space travel. Do you consent to take these risks?
Currently the review is transformed to include the volunteers signed up here. A small team of humans on the ground briefly reviews the applications and comments very briefly (in 1-2 lines) to the aliens, since they often are at loss understanding human realities. The alien team of reviewers is currently made of 17 aliens. They receive each application ass soon as it arrives to the Gmail box. Their criteria include your spiritual growth level, life contract, telepathic abilities, character, skills, compatibility with aliens and humans, suitability for transdimensional travel and more. Your higher self is consulted. They can access much of your information including mood, character and health, but typically these specific aliens cannot read your mind, so make sure to spell out what you want to say.
Good luck and blessings!
Please visit my site for updates and discussion.

Because I have heard talk of this sort before and also because I am not sure what to believe as reports of this being both positive and negative have caught my attention, I need your help to determine what this is really all about. thanks! I truly appreciate your feedback.

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  • Sounds too good to be true.....

    • either way I am sending out healing for all involved and the love of the possibility that this will happen. What I find interesting is that nobody is demanding money for this to be set up.

  • I honestly thought it was some sort of a hoax but I've talk to a couple people about it and it seems real, I need your input as to whether you feel it is or not, something like I said feels different about this, the time certainly is in acceptance and it's not like the channeled predictions you might usually come across on this date this will happen and you will be saved from apparent doom, not like that at all which is to my knowledge what the majority of the similar messages like this have boiled down to. Essentially I am quite interested in this I just felt it needed to be shared, either way, a message of love is what I am aiming for and if it goes beyond that in to certain contact, all the better!

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