Invocation to clear and release emotions that no longer served you

“To clear emotions and feelings that no longer served you for your highest good, it was necessary to recognize, what emotions and feelings you were ready to clear and release from your body and your vibrations. In order to do this, you had to connect with Creator. You do this by using the Invocation to Clear and Release Emotions below and the following visualization.

You connected to Creator by saying in silence:

“I call upon the Infinite Mind; The Prime Creator; The Source of All That Is. Repeat this 3 times in silence and Creator will be in your presence. Then you declare to Creator, your intent to do so. You would say:

It is my intent to clear and release __________________________ (name the emotion, feelings or thought patterns that you want to clear and release), then you would declare the following invocation:

I claim it

I own it

I created it

I lived it

I loved it

I learned from it

And no one can take it from me, not even Creator

“Then you release it by your own free will, since you recognized that it no longer serves you for your highest good. You release it with the Intent to send it to the Light of Creator. You now declare this by saying:

“I now release it by my own free will, for it no longer serves me for my highest good and I send it to the Light of Creator, to be changed back to the Light.

“Now you would do the visualization. You may feel it as energy or heat traveling upward, through your body. You would visualize the clearing as energy, or moving light, coming up from the bottom of your feet, going up through your entire body and exiting out through your crown chakra and going up to the Light of Creator. Creator will do the clearing and releasing out of your body cells and your entire vibrational field, clearing it from your vibration.

“This invocation to clear and release emotions, feelings and thought patterns, that no longer serve you for your highest good, always works. It is very powerful, and complete in itself. This invocation works when other techniques do not. This is the way the DNA work first started and was being done by those who had eyes to see and ears to hear. Creator does the work of clearing as long as you have True Intent, to release the emotions, feelings and thought patterns that no longer serve you for your highest good. This declaration is done in silence to clear and release emotions, feelings and thought patterns. This same invocation works to break stubborn habits and it is done by speaking the invocation verbally, out loud. The visualization is done the same way. For those who have eyes to see, you would see clearing and releasing as a cloud of smoke coming out of the crown chakra, then the cloud of smoke vanishes.”

This exercise is on page 179, in the book “DNA in the Sands of Time” by J. Justice

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This is such a beautiful exercise for clearing these things that hang with us through life, and that we struggle so hard to figure out how to get rid of them.... I can't wait to start releasing.  Thank you so much for sharing!!

Thank you Amba this is perfect for today and  I will share this with some friends who are having some difficulties in releasing the no longer wanted or needed!!!

Thank you Amba! :)

with love,


Thank you for sharing this Amba. Loretta

Thanks Amba. 
It's very powerful. I felt the energy going up through my feet to me entire body, as described. I feel it's clearing some areas of my body related to the stuck emotions. I first invoked by saying I wanted to release my fear. And I feel the energy working on my kidneys and on my heart, which are --  in Chinese Medicine -- the organs responsabile for that. 
Thanks you ! 
Blassing to all. 

Thank you for sharing this, Amba!  I'm going to try this tonight.

My mother languague is Portuguese.

I translated the text of this invocation into Portuguese, in case anyone needs:


Hi !
I suggest you people say this invocation at night, before going to sleep. What impressed me is that I feel the energy working for hours.
There's a catch here. You'll be tempted by your mind to choose the conventional feelings we usually read about in books,etc.  (like anger, fear, etc.). If you do that, It will be a superficial practice.   

If you say this invocation each night (like I do), my suggestion is: take the time to identify the feeling that overwhelmed you during the day. Probably it won't be a standard one. Look for it deep in your heart. After maybe a few seconds it will spring up to you.
For exemple, today my feeling was: "isolation, a sense of not belonging". Before that, I thought of saying "wrath" (which is one of those standard feelings). Ok, I have wrath, but that was not exactly what my heart was telling me to say. In fact today I was feeling an immense sense of being alone, which was the feeling my heart really wished that I worked on. 

Before going to sleep is a good time to recap your feelings. Our emotions are still boiling and you'll know very quickly which one harassed you most. 

One of the golden features of this technique is Identifying your feelings in your heart, without the screen of your mind. 

Keep your daily practice and results will show up quickly. 


A theme for tonight

Thank you , Amba <3

Thank you Amber!  Whilst doing this the energy was so strong, I felt the energy moving up to the creator from my feet.  lifted from me.  Thank you again.

Mila moja, ipak je potrebno svaki puta ponovo ući unutra sa svojim nekim podacima.... :)

Thank you for sharing this Amba.



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