Has anyone had any experience or acquaintance with the effects of attunements on longevity ?

In my yoga lineage it's said there are gurus who lived over centuries. The same goes to some masters in  Chi Kung and Chinese Medicine. My conclusion is as follows, basic on simple logic: If people living a very stressful life, not connected to vital energies can live up to around 100 years of age. So, what to say of people who cultivate their internal energy ?

For example, the general lifespan in the Western Middle Ages (around 1300)  was around 30-35 years. If I told someone who lived at that time that my grandmother lived till her late 90s, they would probably think it's impossible. 

Today I stumbled across this text: 

Now let’s look away from the theory, but look at the practice: the ones enjoyed longest life spans in Chinese history, were An Qisheng and Zhang Guolao and both lived over 3000 years. The instructor for Emperor Huang, Guang Chengzi, was already 1200 years old when the Emperor consulted him; Pengzu, who was exiled in India, lived for 760 years in China before he went to India; and Laozi lived over 700 years. After Tang and Song Dynasty, the classic Chinese Internal Practitioners all lived over 100 years on average, such as Lu Dongbin who lived over 1000 years and often came out to help save people in many years to come; Chen Tuan who was known as the Hua Mountain Sleep Fairy lived for over 150 years; Zhang Sanfeng lived for over 140 years; the classic Chinese Internal Practitioners in the South lived over 110 years on average; and the Northern classic Chinese Internal Practitioners all lived over 100 years except for the first generation who emphasized the spiritual side and passed away relatively early. Although modern people couldn’t see how they were engaged in life, every one of them left some precious records of successful experiences in the classic Chinese Internal Practice, either by words or by oral tales.


Here: http://www.tianhuaculture.net/eng/a08_04.html


Has anyone something to share on this theme ?

Thanks !

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My frind
Iam rakesh from india, I know and iam the witness of effective distance attunments, I really show you, if you can come in indiaq. State kerala, anyway I took reiki 3rd deggree here from mr crich komish, truely I am getting an advantage,
Or in india have much more energy works , and mantra work is very effectively, if you come I. Will show you truely, anyway. In india have very old cultural pople,not in china, but not studdied in any history,
Dear friend, reiki or aqny energy system not like as yoga,
Sure yoga not sending any energy distance, but reiki is can, reiki is beyond the time space,
Iam telling again, u belive chanting mantra and its advantage or african voodoo? But is true
Bacically reiki is not yet studdy modfern science,
Sure, you know,,,,, here our ramayana, and veda also buddist text have much more science ,not yet studdied modern science,
Reiki isw not our energy its from god just we are a channel only like as electric switch
Sure you come here I. Will show you much more miracle, if you belive it or not ,in modern science and our text and holly bible and qur-an also tells sound is beyond the time also , our thinking is too,
If you think any ,,one daily its you can fullfill this ,. It means intent is working very effectively.
10000 years , netron and electron not giod, modern science only think like that, by the way our text if english person if translating , not thinking ultimate inner meaning,
U know indian. NAADI JYOTHISHa? If you come you can understant how reiki works distance
We can tell all about your future ,past etc? How? And here you know our earth is a ovel shape, we tells before 10000 ago, but nobody studdy any school why?
I read your link here, spirituality and itsw works not like as modern science, god or any not nutron, we tells om purnamada poornamidam, poornath poornamudachyade,poornasya poornamadya poorna,mevashishyathe, it means simply,, total energy is equals are one, we tells before 10000 years ago, can you belive? First belive and do it reiki distance method you can prove its are true, sure.
Yes spirituality and its work is not like as modern science,
I wil tell more about, now just simple
Dear friend my english is not well, parden me., but just you try distance method. You cqan prove, also more studdy indian very old veda script too. You can get all..


 thank you   may i know how i do qi gong?


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