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Higher Consciousness

Some thoughts on the law of karma, Too me de-ja-vu and the law of karma are intermeshed, along with reincarnation. In fact it is a simple law, your last thought will lead you too your destination, though it can be shaped by what exit point the soul leaves the body and how quickly. For example a suicide victim my hang around its familiar surroundings for up too 100 years or more, and even if they do cross over a powerful medium or clairvoyant can still pull back there character from the past, just because of fragments of memory or connective conduits. Karma can be settled individually, as a group, as a country as a race of people etc, depending on the common element. God is the only one who can totally erase ones Karmic account, though many have dreamt of doing so. It is the pure light of the Supreme Soul which purifys our darker light.

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