It seems that many Lightworkers are now getting new astral and
etheric bodies. But many of us still have negative emotions,
negative or evil energies and entities, clogged or inoperative
chakras and other blockages to our ability to function at
maximum efficiency. This "Healing Package" is designed
to rid ourselves of these and to replace them with the positive
aspects of the chakras.

Ask your favorite Deity, or if you do not have one, ask the
Galaxy Being to administer the following "Healing Package"
to yourself and to others which you name individually,
thanking him/her in advance for these gifts, if it be for their
highest good: The following things are included in the package
Multidimensionally, and for all time, past, present and future -
all levels:

First of all, anyone interfering with the Healing Package
or blocking the effectiveness of it to the person it is being
administered to, will automatically be invalidated and turned
over to the Holy Spirit, who will decide what to do with them.
That at least gets them off our gameboard.

In this whole Healing Package, the Higher Self of the person
receiving it is the ultimate authority.

* Giving the person a spark of Divine Awareness, which lets
them see the purpose for which they were created, showing
them their karma being generated by their thoughts and
actions toward others, and their past karma. Then thanking
All That Is for opening them up and giving them
Unconditional Love.

* Removing everything from the entire field of energy multi-
dimensionally that doesn't belong, and is not for the highest
good of the person. This includes things like implants, micro-
black holes, entities, negative oversouls, negative Overlords,
negative elementals, astral parasited, backwards vortexes, all
thought forms, portals to harmful energies or beings, negative
matrixes, diseases, contracts, regenerator entities and all
associated energies with any of the above, including slime
and assorted trash, and whatever else is deemed by the Higher
Self necessary to be gotten rid of for the highest good of the
person including any detrimental self created energies and
their results and effects.

* Removing everything hindering, obstructing, blocking and
restricting our ascension and enlightenment, and such that
ia affecting us detrimentally from the other realities, realms,
worlds, levels, planes, spheres, Universes and dimensions.
This includes any calcified or wrongly crystalized materials
in any of the bodies, and any signs, seals, emblems, symbols
and signatures from undesirable outside influences that have
been put on our auric field. These will all be removed and
merged multidimensionally with equal and opposite energies
derived by the most appropriate Energy Field, by Divine
Decree, which reduces them to nothing. (Energy Fields are
intelligent Beings)

* Removing the inner child's blockages to accepting Love, and
getting the Guiding Angel to cuddle the inner child if it needs
it. Also getting the inner child to fully accept the Healing
Package, and removing any blockages to its doing so. And
Removing all blockages to people becoming "Cherubim".
Showing the inner child the past lives that have caused the
trauma currently being experienced in this lifetime, and the
need for it to take responsibility for past actions.

* Doing the same thing for the subconscious and conscience.
Also gathrering up the group spirits of the inner children.
the subconscious' he consciences' and the past life selves
from all past lives, and cleaning them up in the Black Hole
and the Void.

* Taking a multidimensional trip through the Void with all
the remaining bagage and attachments to get further cleaned
up and ready for 5D, and making sure that the whole thing
goes into the Void all the way up to the top chakra over
the head.

* Doing the multidimensional juggernaut time filter cleanse
on the person, starting at both ends of time simultaneously
and working toward the middle. This removes any calcified
mistakes and problems from all lifetimes. And since it is
multidimensional, it will also be done for all realities, and
alternate time lines.

* Cleaning out one's spiritual "house" and all the dark corners
and hidden trash throughout the whole house, including the
basement, attic and garage.

* Removing all unnecessary and harmful memories from all
time that are not for the highest good, and any diseases that
are not karmic or otherwise useful for the development of
the person.

* Removing negative or unbalanced imprints and habits, even
from past lives. And removing density and what is left of the
old "gameboard."

* Removing other people's genies that from our energy field
so they won't come back. Taking them and their owners
through the Void, and then returning the genies to the owner,
and showing them their karma for doing it. Making sure our
genie is where it belongs. [ Genies are the oversouls of the 8th
sphere, and the oversoul of our spirit family of 12 humans.]

* Removing all roots, cords to all external and undesirable
connections and transmuting all the energy into neutral
energy and returning to Source. Also all shackles, curses,
restrictions, blockages, implants, etc., and all associated
energies placed on one by others. Then removing all karmic
disks and the energies in you that will disolve them, and
burn the contracts and other associated energies.

* Putting the Dweller or shadow self, into the Ultraviolet Laser
Beam in the Black Hole for as long as is necessary and
spinning it up to throw off all the trash, and making sure it is
thoroughly cleaned out, as well as giving it the healing package.

* Making sure no one else's genie is anywhere in your field of
energy. And nullifying all evil and harmful things sent to you
at point of resonance.

* Rescinding and cancelling any vows of poverty or contracts
from this life and past ones, and alternate reality ones.

* Rescinding all self-sabotage programs.

* Closing and removing any portals and associated contracts
from any prior lifetimes and this one, in and around your
energy field that are harmful and letting in entities.

* Cleaning up and giving the Healing Package to the mirror
image of ourselves beneath the feet.

* Installing drain hole in root chakra for all the accumulated
emotional garbage to drain on out.

* Invalidating (take off humanity's game board) all etheric and
astral beings and entities that are harmful to you, and turning
them over to the Holy Spirit for final disposition.


* Cleaning out all the chakras and spheres in the entire energy
field, and making sure the realms are floating. Repair any
damage to any of the chakras, including rearranging and
realigning the matrices where needed. Then pulling all the
chakra meridians multi dimensionally until they "click" as
many clicks as is necessary, which makes sure that when
they are let go, they will be straight, and not go back to being
crooked. Then taking the meridian that is fully stretched and
swiveling it completely in a complete 360º circle around the
body. This releases all the encrusted stuff on the meridians
throughout all time. It seems to clean up all prior attachments,

* Doing equal/opposite/merges on any problems related to any
of the chakras, including those in the aura, above the head, and
below the feet, as well as any of these problems stuck in any
portion of the multidimensional being, past, present and future.
And make sure the main Star Chakras are also cleared, and the
meridian from it to the sex and root chakras are clear of all
past lives so that guilt can be removed.

* Making sure that the chakras are going in the right direction
and are in their proper places, and that the oversouls in them
are in the proper places and cleaned up, as well.

* Cleaning out and healing and transforming all the beings or
oversouls that belong within the chakra spheres of the whole
energy field including the star chakras. And getting rid of the
beings that don't belong. This removes all the contracts they
have made to our detriment, and all the karmic ties (disks),
regenerator entities,

* Making sure that all the oversouls that belong in the spheres
are in their proper sphere.

* After the negative aspects of the chakras are removed,
replacing them with positive aspects, such as: Joy, Serenity,
Love, Unconditional Acceptance of Self and Others, etc...

* Clearing up the 17th chakra sphere so that people who cross
over can see the Light and know their direction instead of
being lost in outer darkness.

* Clearing out 21st chakra which seems to be a source of
implants, and the 28th which is a source of mental implants.

* Cleaning out the 22nd chakra sphere, which seems to be
where all the contacts are made. Breaking all harmful
contracts and getting rid of the regenerator entities and
any signs, seals, emblems, signatures, cords and other
negative energies associated with the contracts.

* Connecting the person to the Master Chakras outside
the aura.


* Removing any diseases from all levels, chakras, spheres,
and alternate realities, and removing all this from the past
and future of the person multidimensionally as well. And
removing the cause of any illnesses or physical problems
when they are not karmic, and healing the damage done by
the illness.

* In healing people of diseases, addictions and some psychic
attacks, going as far into the future or past to get rid of all the
energies responsible, and their root causes and sponsoring
energies, as well as the energies themselves. E/Q/M And
to remove and invalidate all the entities involved.

* Removing all energies which block and restrict the perfect
health of our multidimensional being, including removing
all parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria, and whatever other
things we might not know about; and removing all toxins.


* Getting the person over their lack of responsibility of
accepting their own karma.

* If there are still any karmic connections, pulling the astral body
taken inside out into the past to dump all the accumulated
memories and associated garbage and connections to the
present, and then returning it to normal. Also showing all
the parties involved all their various previous lives where they
interacted, and how it evens out karma, and then show them
their present karma fully, thus activating true remorse, which
can help alleviate their karma.

* Removing all karmic disks, and the energies to disolve them
with, and then burning all contracts, regenerator entities,
signs, seals, emblems, signatures, cords, ties, shackles and
other attachments.

* Helping the person to face up to any remaining unresolved
karmic connections including their origins in prior lifetimes.

* Then doing an equal/opposite energy merge for all parties
multidimensionally on lack of forgiveness of self and others
in relation to all the lifetimes where they interacted

* Complete Universal Energy exchange, whereby all energies
are returned to their rightful owners - this includes all
lifetimes, past present and future.

* Clearing up any problems with the relatives and ancestors
that is allowable.

* Throwing all past selves into the Void to clean them up, and
making sure that their multidimensional selves go all the way
down in up to the top chakra over the head. This will make
sure they don't attack people you know in the present.


* Pulling all the rest of the meridians until they click. There
are thousands.

* Transmuting all service-to-self energies, to service-to-others.

* Making sure all parts of the body are communicating
properly with each other. And that all the parts of the person
are connected properly. Causing all the parts to resonate
together and rearranging all the geometries that need it.

* Repairing any damage that was done to the entire energy field,
including holes in the aura, and in any of the various bodies.

* Raising the vibes of the person and vacuuming off density.
And straightening out and balancing the electromagnetic
energy system.

* Reactivating the 12 strand DNA, and installing the healing
chamber in the body, and the crystaline energy in the brain
that helps the telepathic communication with Spirit.

* Putting anything in us that we are missing or need for our
ascension, and replacing anything that needs replacing,
including any of the oversouls in any of the chakras or
the subconscious as well.

* Checking to see if any of the jewels, wings, energies and
parts or bodies have been abducted, and return them if so,
and to properly deal with the beings that did the abduction
so that they can't do it again.

* Returning all energies and essences that were stolen from us.

* Returning any of the "jewels" (spiritual gifts), wings,
energies, that might have been stolen and showing the
perpetrators their karma if they continue in their dastardly
deeds. Then giving them a trip through the Black Hole and
the Void to clean them up so that they lose their desire to do
those kinds of things anymore. Giving the same treatment to
any others that have been attacking the person that is not for
karmic reasons.

* Repairing or replacing any astral or etheric or physical body
parts that have been damaged or need replacing, and repairing
any genetic defects, using the appropriate energy templates to
repair whatever needs the repair. Also upgrading and adding
to the DNA where necessary for perfect functioning of the
complete multidimensional self.

* Checking to see if the Higher Self, the inner child, the genie,
the subconscious and conscience have been damaged, and
doing any repairs necessary. And doing a Healing Package
on each of them as separate beings in their own rights.

* Doing the equal/opposite/merge on all lack of self love and
appreciation, and self judgment and feelings of not 'being
enough', and feelings of not being 'good enough', and on
all other negative emotions blocking our spiritual growth.

* Connecting and fully integrating the Higher Self, the genie
(8th sphere over soul), the conscious self, the inner child,
the subconscious and the conscience of the person as he or
she spiritually matures.

* Teaching the person psychic self-defense, and making them
aware of attacks from their family and friends and others.

* Making sure that our defences are up and running, and
the wiring be repaired so that they are functioning properly,
and that the subconscious be taught how to use them.

* Integrating eith the Light Body and removing any resistance
to the integration.

* Making sure all the astral body parts are facing in the right
"direction" and removing any obstacles to their doing so.

* Making sure that all the body parts are in the appropriate

* Sealing any holes and repairing any rips and tears in the
aura, and closing and sealing any portals, and repairing any
damage that was caused by any of these problems.

* Doing an electro-magnetic energy balance on the whole
energy field.

* Connecting to Source, and grounding and aligning all the
energies properly.

* Placing the appropriate protective shielding around the
person's energy field to ward off harmful radiations and

* Equal and opposite energy merge on the person's
non-acceptance and non-forgiveness of self and others,

* Reprogramming the subconscious to behave in accordance
and in harmony with the Ascension. To quit sabotaging
the self, and to let go of everyone from the past, including
relatives, spouses, friends, acquaintances and enemies.

* Re programing and teaching the subconscious to heal the
multidimensional self, and to protect the person from psychic
attacks of any kind, and to do only those things that are for
the person's highest good.

* Doing whatever healing procedures that are beyond our
understanding, or that we are not aware of, and whatever is
deemed best for the success of this healing. (we understand
that some additional items have already been added.)

* Reinstating all bodies of self and balancing all the different
energies of the body's energy field multidimensionally.
(including the chakras)

* Rearranging any of the grids and matrices in the body
that need it - especially the hips.

* Giving the healing package to all the past life selves, their
subconscious, higher selves, inner children, consciences,
and their genies of all the spheres. Removing any of the
residual karmic trash associated with these past lives.
Integrating all the various lifetimes into a unified and
perfectly functioning whole.

* Putting everything in the person that they need for their
ascension, well being and flourishment, multidimensionally.

* Doing equal/opposite/merge on everything keeping us
from being perfect, whole, and complete.

* Getting us to spiral upwards in ascension, and doing
whatever it takes to make sure it sticks! Also getting
the inner child, subconscious and conscience to spiral
up in ascension.

* Making sure all the multidimensional parts are swiveled
and spiraled on up to the same level.

* Releasing the "death hormone" and activating the "life

* Retrieving any lost or earthbound souls of theirs that they
might have left in the past, transforming them, and then
reintegrating them with the self.

* Connecting the person with their Guardian Angel and Guiding
Angel and other beneficial Angelic Beings, and to connect
them with the healing vibrations of Nature, and the Universal
Healing Ray.

* Making sure that the person "sees" all the guides and the Holy
Spirit and Sananda, and whoever else would be beneficial for
them to see.

* Showing the person their perfected self.

* Giving the person the Golden Christ Light of protection.


* Removing habits and rituals associated with the addiction.

* Removing the addiction energy itself, and the chemical
and psychological addictions.

* Removing the addiction entities anywhere in the energy
field of the multidimensional being, and invalidating them
and turning them over to the Holy Spirit. Also any
oversouls and Overlords involved will be put in the Void
for general clean-up'. These addiction entities can even be
in the inner child.

* Removing residual energies and the chemical toxins
associated with the habit and the addiction.

* Repairing any damage, diseases and injuries associated
with or as a result of the addiction.

* Healing of the spiritual addiction, and the negative
emotions involved.


The Guiding Angels will administer this to you if you ask.
There is a spiritual regenerative powder that is like a kit
with all the necessary tools to repair all organs in the body.
It seeks out the damage and repairs it all. It is like a living,
intelligent energy that the Guiding Angels can distribute when


Ask for the Healing Package for your pets, too. "Animals have
a spiritual mission in this lifetime also. They will often take on
the problems of their owner in an attempt to burn off karma for
them. There is very often a mirroring process between your pet's
health and your health. Some animals are to act as a sacrificial
karma clearer and others to just transmute it." ~~ Stacee ~~
So when you clear yourself, do the same for your pets.

It might help to print this out and put it under your pillow and
tell you subconscious to give it to your higher guides at night.
[ I left this in because one of our days equals 3 of their weeks.]
We find that you have to request the Healing Package every day,
now, because for some reason things like that cannot be put on
automatic. Also ask for help in letting go of things.

You can request that this be done for someone else, stipulating
that it be for their highest good. Just request the "Healing
Package" from the Galaxy Being or the higher guides.

Jack and Sue
© copyright 2002

Please pass this on, but maintain the exact wording, which is
very, very important. We spent a lot of time working it out.

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Thank you,Amba,for sharing with us this complete Healing Package.

In Love and Light 

Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for sharing Sis. Amba. Namaste!

Thank you,Amba,for sharing this.

Thank you Amba.

Thank you SO MUCH AMBA!




First off I'd like to thank you for sharing this complete Healing Package-Clearing.  I can not wait to start this process.  I just have one question, that I hope you won't mind answering.  Since we can't put this on "automatic", and need to request the healing every day, how many days should we be doing this?  A week, a month??  This complete Healing Package is just soooo big and powerful that I assume we'd need to request healing for at least a week or two....but perhaps I am wrong.

                                              Thank you so much for all you do for each and every one of us AMBA.  You truly are a blessing and a beacon of hope and light.


Hi amba :)) I was wondering how I can ask for this healing package? Much thanks <3

Thank you so much Amba - The Divine Knows how much this is needed at present - cannot find the words to Thank You

In loving gratitude

Thank you again

Hi I was wondering if someone can help me with this? I am confused about how I go about asking for this package? There is sooo much to ask I am a little lost and could really do with some help with this? Thank you xxx


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