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Galactic Family- UFO Disclosure

Hello. Greetings Everyone! Today, I'm gonna discuss about what messages our Galactic Family wanna convey us (in brief). I'll try to be as specific as possible and make this subject very simple to comprehend. Just start off with a few basics, so that if anyone comes across this topic for the first time, they will know what I'm talking about.

So, What's the "Galactic Family"?

They are the beings of Higher Dimensions of Light. They love us, they protect us, they love being around us all the time and also love sharing a joke or two with us, yeah! ;p). They are OUR Family. 


What's the constitution of the Galactic Family?

Well, the beings of the Higher Dimensions of Light. The Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angels, the star families such as Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian etc, etc.


So, what messages do they(Galactic Family) wanna convey us during this time of ascension?

They want to make contact with us and want us to reciprocate equally well, for they always love us. They have successfully made contacts with a well known few on the earth, such as politicians, media, famous actors(actresses), scientists, etc. But, our government, media etc are reluctant to disclose this material to us. By doing so they are keeping  the humanity in dark about the existence of OUR Galactic Family. So far, the government and media have instilled fear among the people on the earth by spreading false information about OUR Galactic Family, depicting them as scary alien creatures who wanna invade our planet, even the alien movies which show the aliens to be bad people. - All of this which is Untrue. Please don't fall for this misinformation which is being created about the Galactic Family.

This wide spread of disinformation about OUR lovely Galactic Family through the governments, media, movies, etc is being purposefully done by the "dark forces" so as to create fear, make us believe that they don't exist, etc. and to thwart (defeat) the process of humanity reaching the Galactic Family. (I don't wanna go in depth talking about the dark forces, because we will lose track on the current topic.)

What we gotta remember Beloved Ones, the Galactic Family will Love you, care you, look after you, protect you, no matter what may it be. Now, they want us to make contacts with them because you have every right to do so, because you are one of them, you BELONG to them. You are their Family and they, Yours. We all are ONE!

And also, they wanna tell us that, it won't be too late that our governments will accept their existence and declare it to the public.

Now, just relax, have some pop corn (;p) and watch the following video :

Ok. Now, I will give you a few website links which might be helpful/useful to you regarding this subject. They contain lots of information. What I gave you was just an introduction. Please browse all the contents on these lovely websites and do research material on this subject. You will be guided to materials which will be useful for you:


Some of the content which maybe useful for you on this website is :

2) I haven't gone through this website yet. I was just googling about galactic families and this showed up. I believe it has very useful information in it.

3)  A Lovely website from EriKa. Here she even conducts workshops wherein you are taught how to make contact with OUR Galactic Family. The contact workshop link is: Please read through the content on that page and you can register for the workshop for a reasonable fee.

4) Sierra Blina is from the Higher Dimension of Light who has come to help the people on our planet. She is a braided walkin which means she exists as a human being and as a galactic being on the earth.

One of her many "useful" discussions can be found here:

These are just a few websites on this topic. I believe there are plenty of them available out their on the internet. If you wanna know more about them you'll definitely be guided to the website which will serve you the best. After all, the technology of websites were passed down by the Galactic Family to us. So, you will know intuitively where to go on the internet to find information.

One more thing I wanna say you is, if you wanna make contact with Galactic Beings, please use your "FREE WILL". What is in the Highest Good for you will be done.

And the reason I am talking on this topic here and on other website is that I am/was guided to do so.

SO Friends! I wish you all the very best in your journey to Ascension to meet OUR Galactic Family.

A lilttle bit about me - I'm Dinesh and I'm 26 years old. And my path to spirituality started when I was 3 years old. I'm a master of several reiki systems and Divine Mother's pet (Favourite) ;p).

Take Care my friends. :)

In Love n Light. I'm Dinesh, signing off *salute*.






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  • hi Dinesh...
    thanks for sharing this info.. i see u r from hyderabad and so am i.
    love n light
  • hi Dinesh...
    thanks for sharing this info.. i see u r from hyderabad and so am i.
    love n light
This reply was deleted.