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There seems to be some general confusion at times at what should be felt or experienced during attunements and /or meditations, initiations...

Every person is different, as is every attunement.

Some people feel and see magnificent beings or lights or hear messages, meet their guides, almost leave their bodies in the ecstasies they encounter.

Others feel or see a little.

Still others feel, hear, see nothing and are dreadfully disappointed fearing they have done something wrong or the attunement / initiation /meditation hasn't worked.

No matter how much or how little, you see, feel, hear or experience, every attunement that is sent to you is accepted by your guides for your highest and gratest good in this time and passed on to you.

It can happen that with some attunements you have great experiences and with others nothing. Believe me it has happened to me and to others too, however we know and trust enough to realise that those energies are with us forever and will never be lost, even if we do not use them regularly or feel nothing at the time of attunement.

Some of the reasons that attunements dont seem to work is that our expectations are different to what is actually happening.

The worst scenario is where we are unable to relax...we lie or sit waiting for something to happen. We start to fidget and doubts creep into our minds, suddenly we may become aware that we are very tense and we are not breathing properly...there is no way that you will experience anything, except severe discomfort, in this situation.

If you find this happens to you try this first...get very, very comfortable...the more comfortable you are the more relaxed you will be. Take several slow and deep breaths, concentrate in calling in your guides (even if you do not know who they are), your angels, the ascended masters and all light beings. Ask them to protect you and seal the room with white light, then in your mind go to a place that for you would be the ideal place to be. Spend time on the details of this place and add or take away whatever you like. It does not have to be a real place...just as long as it is real to you.

I have a triangular shaped beach flanked on both sides by rocks that run out into the ocean. I picture myself sitting on the beach watching the dolphins or the clouds drifting in the sky. I am very often joined by a white robed figure...but this didn't happen in the beginning...and sometimes I see amazing colours. I do not try to interpret it I just accept it. Find your ideal spot and you will find that eventually you can go there at any time and relax more than you knew was possible. Like everything it takes practice and may not happen the first time you try it. Once you have mastered it though, it is pure magic. I hope it works for you as well as for me.

Because we are a group from countries all over the world...we have the time zone problem. This is actually not a problem at all. Anyone can send an attunement to you at anytime. You do not have to be ready and waiting for it at the exact same time...indeed in some cases this would prove very difficult.

So, we ask our guides to hold on to it, or "bank" it until you ask your guides to deliver it to you. All you need to do to achieve this is, relax and state your intention of picking up the particular attunement sent by...(.name of teacher), and it will be there waiting for you. There is no time limit…it will be there forever for you to pick up…so if you find you have forgotten it or run out of time…it doesn’t matter.

Always give feedback on your attunement to your teacher, no matter if it is free or payed attunement.... firstly because it is good for you to put into words what happened and secondly it is a nice way of saying thank for the time and effort that teacher gives to you.

Your thoughts on this post are appreciated.....

Love and blessings, Amba

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  • Like you rightly said, we expect something to happen during an attunement, and this expectation is based on what others have said for previous attunement experiences. In expecting something to happen, we create a scene which is out-of-reality, for each one is different, and reactions also differ. Like...same situation, one takes it casually while another gets worked up.The Master, when setting up an attunement, should explain this phenomena to the student, help them relax (if in-person) or advice use of relaxation techniques, and then call in the attunement.

    We all have different psychic abilities, Some can see things happening, some hear things, while some feel. This is there with everyone, nothing odd if you have one ability and not the others. The others can also be developed, no bar on it. Some don;t have anything happening, for they may not be sensitive enough to feel the energy. This ability will develop over time. Nothing to worry about. 

    This is meant to be an addition to what Amba has shared above. 

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