How do you see and interact with energy? Is it something that just automatically comes to you, say, in a dream, or, triggered by a certain event, or do people tend to give off sensations or auras you may feel compelled to pick up on? I have often figured out that each person has their own energy signature around them that they are the central focus of. that energy is like an aura that is around the person where ever they go or visit often. It seems to be present the strongest when ever a big event happens or when something has manifested over time.

I believe we all have this force within us but a lot of us may not have yet tapped in to the full extent of its abilities. I think that if we are to take the first step in understanding all about the energy field or aura of someone, we need to realize the intent of how their aura is projected on to others to be able to start to see the global shift in frequency and understanding that popular trends tend to reflect back on to people. I think it is all about responding to your environment as much as it is about living in the reality you wish to create for yourself. I feel the aura or energy presence about everyone has a big part to play in what happens to the global shift that most frequently is referred to as ascension or a deeper awakening. Can you sense this energy presence about you or anyone else? I seem to be able to though I am not exactly sure what it means.

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I see energy during meditation when my eyes are closed.  It appears like swirling aurora borealis in colors.  Sometimes I see shapes that are recognizable as representative.  But usually looks like moving energy swirls.   If I am meditating in a group and someone walks by me, I can see the pattern of their energy as they walk by.  Sometimes after meditation I can see the energy in the room with my eyes open, but after a while it fades.  I assume with more meditation I will see it for longer, but I don't know ~


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