Conspiracy theories abound these days and have always been a big part of human consciousness. Why is this so?  Why do they seem to grow in intensity and number during times of intense turmoil and change?  Conspiracies seem to exists in every stage of life as well.  Childhood fears become monsters and boogie men.  As teenagers our parents and teachers are out to get us in many imaginative and not so pleasant ways.  As adults event the most logical and stern folk are concerned about at least the tax man and bill collectors, who seem to morph into serious monsters as they approach closer and  closer. In old age most of us will feel the conspiracy of death coming to seemingly snatch our life away. Why is this?

Today even the Chinese are concerned about the Mayan Calendar. The Chinese thinking about Meso-American myth makers!  It makes my head spin in wonder at the extent of world wide feeling around the seemingly unstoppable change coming.  No matter what the "true" reason is for the change being felt everywhere around our home planet.  No one can deny it IS being felt by everyone; even the most bitter of cynics can at least see the concern in others.

I feel that the true conspiracy is one of LoveLightJoy. This positive movement of creative energy is who we truly are. Like a howling wind blowing beneath the doors of our strongest egoic constructs.  Our true presence of LoveLightJoy continually is sending us waves of change to knock down our castles made of the sands of temporary spaces to hide in fear of our actual power and worth. Our natural ability as creators supplies more than enough energy to bring our ego's fear of change to life. This is why so many conspiracies seem to just evaporate only to be replaced by yet another even more menacing one.  This inconsistency allows the ego to say "see how silly you are believing such things"; as we spin another tale of fear to cower before.  We ALL do this and many do it with our entire life span. We are now seeing conspiracy at every turn on just about every topic both spiritual and mundane.  We are being given a very complete view of our FEAR.  Where is this dark alley of terror leading to?

I feel we are all going to come out of this canyon of fearful conspiracy on tomorrows' Winter Solstice. I believe a new vista of positive change will be available for those who choose to see it. I am certain powerful energy from the Great Mother Tula in the Galactic center, is coming to grace us with new life never seen on Earth before.  I know this change is one of the Heart. Internal becoming external. So this will leave plenty of "time" and wiggle room for those who still wish to listen to the ego spin yet another conspiracy that threatens its aggressive strangle hold on our true nature of LoveLightJoy.    

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