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true forgiveness coding

based off of the process of the "holy instant" from acim. it doesnt do the actual forgiving, but it promotes the awareness that there is nothing to forgive as being harmed is really an illusion. and the individual, eventually, realizes this and accepts the past so that it can no longer harm them. it also clears any infinite karma(an atlantean creation). 

to accept simply state "i choose to accept the true forgiveness coding" to "run/activate" it focus on the top of your head for a few moments, then state "true forgiveness coding" and sit with it as long as you like(if you feel there is a lesson to be learned from the situation this will promote the understanding of it).


true peace coding(just a quickie for stressful situations)

a quick clearing and restoration of the surface of the body and does so through a shower of whichever of the great rays can help as well as a clearing & balancing of the meridians and chakras if allowed. this one also transmutes any fear of death or separation(illusion of) from god imprints in the also opens the heart and has the performance and effect of practicing metta(compassion) mediation. 

to accept simply state "i choose to accept the true peace coding" to "run/activate" it focus on the top of your head for a few moments, then state "true peace coding" 

(this one is rather instant and the effects extend the more it is used, but also promotes clear thinking so no need to worry about loopyness if used while driving)


true reality coding

allows for non-resonance and remain unaffected by separation based thinking to or from others and promotes unity consciousness and clears all allowances for delusional thinking as well as "blocking disruptive input" from the collective(and emancipating from it) that may be bothering you. and transforms any false projections one may be projecting at you and returns them as one based in reality(so in this nature it protects against thought/psychic attack)

it strengthens and promotes unity consciousness thinking patterns.  and makes it so creation only occurs consciously. 

it does a lot of this via an energetic membrane that only allows things that are in ones highest interest. this takes a while to truly integrate and one must consciously realize when they are "allowing" things in it(it promotes awareness of this and how to deal with it). 

to accept simply state "i choose to accept the true reality coding" to "run/activate" it focus on the top of your head for a few moments, then state "true reality coding"

(if you have a particular issue with this type of sovereignty, and we all do, i suggest choosing to focus or tuning in on that particular issue while running this)


true acceptance

the key part to this one is the higher self "looks" at one's life and tells/shows them that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, relays this info to them via the crown, and leaving a sense of peace around whatever it is one is facing

to accept simply state "i choose to accept the true acceptance coding" to "run/activate" it focus on the top of your head for a few moments, then state "true acceptance coding" 

(this one is rather instant and the effects extend the more it is used, but also promotes clear thinking so no need to worry about loopyness if used while driving) 


true choice coding parameters

based on the law of confusion(free will)......which states we must actively choose our life and sovereignty. 

one can only choose things for themself, but they must do so consciously. the request must be beneficial for their own well being and at the very least of an ahimsa(non-harmful) nature. 

it also assists in giving clarity on the situation that they are trying to change. 

it is impossible to use this for personal gain(i.e. any kind of manipulation). 

there is however an allowance for substance based things based on the condition one might be in(i.e. if they have absolutely no money and are stranded, it will allow for the individual to choose to receive assistance from another via "random" generosity). 

again pretty much the rules are if the need is truly for the benefit of self(non-selfish) and from a place of ahimsa then it is "ok".

one of the first things it does is connect the crown and the root so that unconscious creation is stopped(true reality does this as well) and for the choices that are allowed(according to the higher self) it writes into the dna a program that will put any healing actions into play and also attracts to one their "choices"

to use first say "i chooe to accept the true choice coding" after this anytime you consciously choose(i.e. "I choose___") something all of creation will come to your assistance, kinda......i suggest voicing your choices(and starting out slow(e.g."i choose love", "i choose the heart-mind", etc). 

as for "testing" this its really not possible to do as if you're testingm it there is nothing that you really need at the moment. also testing something implies doubt. and so if you are going into a situation with doubt in the mind then it might just not work. don't worry, i've got enough faith for the both of us :) the effects are not quite instantaneous though. 


all codings are designed(tailored to your needs) by your higher self and are geared for a return to self(eventually culminating in a combining of the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious minds), agape love, detached compassion(a bit different from agape, not too much), humility, and also clear any hidden agendas or manipulation tendencies(desire to control or be controlled). they also block any "disruptive input" from outside sources that may be inhibiting you from obtaining your desired state(cords and stuff). they promote changing your situation internally, but(despite that they sound "wishy washy", firmness is not mean. it just means saying "NO!" and not giving up your freedom for any being's strange reason or logic) also a true sense of empowerment to change your situation if its simply not for the best through your own actions and gives insight(from self) on the best way to go about doing this. they will eventually clear(love and accept into wholeness) on any dysfunctional patterns that may have resulted from the past(i.e. illness, mental issues, drinking in excess, etc). if there is an aspect of the coding that you are uncomforatble with, it will not run. but in time i feel you will become comfortable enough to allow it to(the only thing that really is not a choice is the clearing of hidden agendas in association with choices). 

most of them look a bit like a sunbeam that comes down from infinity above and washes your entire being clearing out any stagnant energies through the feet to be recycled(i suggest trying this visualization if you'd like to deepen the experience). 

as everything with these, all thinking processes that are altered(and trust me, they will be) are done so by higher self according to its specifications for your individualized expression and, by their very nature, clear any fear or doubt. 

these aren't magic and there is a process to them and take time to truly integrate and will continue working at a superconscious level, but may need to be consciously "run/activated" from time to time(i suggest staring off in the morning for a few minutes and again as you're falling asleep). transitioning with ease and grace is already programmed in, but if you want to speed things up, thats your "choice". 

if there is any tendency to manipulate within the individual, the codings will clear on that each time it is "run" or will in general once consciously accepted.

we(you me and all of creation) may update these from time to time, and if you have a special request feel free to ask(though i suggest first investigating the issue yourself). 

you probably wont notice too much energetically on most of them as the energy is super subtle(more so than reiki or similar energies).

the effects are more potent the more often one "runs" them, and the longer one sits with them(one can always "choose" to have them run whenever a situation pops up of a certain nature and they will). they are safe for all to take in and use as often as one wishes(and if one decides to speed things up, again thats their choice). 

and just so we are clear, none of these are from me. we created them, the work is done by you, and you already have these im just letting you in on it so you can consciously choose(again the law of confusion). so if one of them is not "clearing" on a particular issue within yourself, "choose" for it to and it will. you helped create these, so no energy exchange is required. 

enjoy....please, and share them :) 

we all deserve love, joy, and peace 

much love, 


p.s. the triggers can be said in any language and the codings are completely incapable of being "misused" and apparently will stay with us throughout all of time-space and are a very quick way to get your loved ones up to the love 

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  • A Prayer To Overcome Resistance To Change

    God, I hand over my life to you,
    Take the problems of the day and show me the gift behind them.
    Take the joys of the day so that I may see You in them and my joy may be all the greater.

    Dear God, I know I might take the day back into my hands, so please guide me to do otherwise.
    Please guide me to look to you to be my strength.
    Please guide me to trust you for the solutions.



    ~ thank you ~

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    Blessings, Respect, Love Light, Peace, Harmony

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