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Can anyone help me to be able to visualise?

I have been on my spiritual journey for a year now, and I hear of people that find it so easy to be able to visualise when they meditate and whenever they choose, I am having problems with this and I feel it's holding me back from being able to move on, on my spiritual path, if anyone can help me I would be so grateful... Much thanks and Love and Light <3

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  • I just found a video on Youtube which uses binaural beats to improve your visualisation skills.



  • Hai,

    First, Don't try to visualize, If you try to visualize you will get what you know, that is simple - but what you require actually, you don't know, then if you be in silent in visualization, mean "calm mind" your consciousness will be taken to your real upper level. Every one's level is not same.

       I impressed to see you in "om or ohm". I am worshiper of OHM. Every thing will precipitate in DEEP SILENCE only.     

  • All it takes is practice, and putting down notes of what you see.  Even if it's fleeting images, that's from your third eye.

  • Hello Taniuvail,

    I've got something that helped me, a subliminal recording for Creative Visualization. Send me a pm so I can send it to you.



    • Hi Louise yes thank you, can I ask what a pm is please if it's my email, then it's
      Thank you Louise :D Much Love and Light <3 Namaste
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