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Solara AM RA I felt this transmission from the Councils of Light was important for you to hear! The tools given for being able to process the Light/information/acceleration downloads now being beamed to us is simple and easy to follow. Overcome your laziness in following this advice dear tribe of Gaia! The time is NOW! The channelling was broadcast on BBS Internet Radio, where I was a guest on Anrita Melchizedek's show 'ASCENSION KEYS TO SELF MASTERY'. You can download the full show including the invocation and meditation from Anrita's Andromedan guides for £5 on From mid-October I will be co-hosting the show with Anrita, sometimes together and sometimes on our own. This is broadcast every Tuesday at 3pm New York/8pm London/9pm South Africa. Click on this link to listen free on the internet: -

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