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Anyone Else a Starseed

I just wondered who else here is a starseed? Or perhaps may resonate with the concept of starseeds, or other kin, feeling like you belong somewhere or have the feeling that you are somewhere else perhaps in astral other than Earth, that you have a home beyond Earth. I am a starseed from the planet Tallath, it is from another universe I have memories of it. a planet with two moons, two sons, rainbow coloured sky with blue and purple clouds with a white and red starry background. At night and at day there is always a light that shines so the world is not thrust in to the dark. The oceans are calm, there are 4 mountains, the grass is long and lush with lots of trees and plant life around. No concrete, but there are stone structures for roads both inside and outside rural areas.

My race is very intelligent and has built large dome shaped space time and reality crafts which everyone owns and shares. They are transdimensional and we are a race of gentle shape shifters so we can fit in to almost any environment. Tallath is situated in the grand universe at the center focal point of the omniverse itself, and or a version of it depending on the active reality. Each ship has granular controls just like the home planet structure does with civilizations working as a team monitoring events elsewhere all through out the universe just by focusing on it through either technology or the mind probe. We can transport ourselves almost anywhere as long as the environment can withstand our requirements for either physical or aetheric travel which means through the power of psychic and cyber control, we have external and internal control of both movement and position. We can regenerate our form through out time and reality to allow multidimensional and or transdimensional existence possible. This is just some of the things our race is capable of doing.

Many of us share different life paths together. There are no laws on our world, so we are free to be ourselves. We have the ability to connect each others minds, but this is often reserved for more intimate and or personal relationships and should only be used for direct interfacing with each should it be needed. We are a peace loving, warrior type of race with all the real power hidden inside. Many of us share the common dream that the universe can swing what ever way it pleases both individually and collectively however some have got it in to their heads that at the center of our society, we are to be lenient about not interfering with any collective decision made by others, but to sometimes intervene if any truly terrible situation is compromising other realities or specific places in time, so we do not really govern the universe itself, but sometimes protect the reality we voluntarily choose to protect respectively.

Our society is based on relativity so it is good to explore new experiences but feel comfortable with the ones we visit often. Our goal is to one day bring about true unity with everyone but this often results in many people taking the power of our race in to their own hands and so sometimes wars result from our lenient behavior to not interfere, causing others to get their way while we sacrifice our society for the benefit of them sharing a similar experience. According to the world leaders, it is a sign that those who were not given the chance to be free could do so, however it still is a point of controversy from time to time.

That is what I remember in a nut shell of my home world though other memories still may be present. I wonder what yours is like?

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  • Hi Elshara, I am a starseed too

  • I have had intuitive people say I am an 'incarnated angel'.... but that's about it. 

  • Hi,

    Through a process of self illumination I came to know that I am a Wanderer. When I go out any time at night and vew a starry night I actually get very homesick. I have always known that I was not from here. Wanderers can be packaged into the group known as Lightworkers. We are here to help uplift the vibration of the Earth as it gets "tired" or weary from all the negativity manifesting as certain low vibrational semi-spiritual beings who use negative vibrations for "food" don't desire anything to change. These things are known as Archons.

    I have come back here of my own volition to help the Earth through the coming changes (happening now). There are so many things in this world that I just don't "get" such as competition, war, harm, dishonesty etc. It's not an easy path to tread but it is quite something to find out who you really are and what the heck you are doing here!

    Always remember - EVERYTHING you need to know is inside of you - you just need to remember. Also remember that God talks to you ALL the time - the big question is - are you listening?

    With peace and goodwill,


  • Hiya!

    I know from an Akashic Records reading that I am an Pleiadian starseed and also spend many lifetimes in the angelic realms. I don't remember anything unfortunately; how awesome that you do have such detailed membries. Did you do anything to get those memories?



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