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My Children of Light I am your very own Divine Mother. On this auspicious occasion, I will appoint Special Guardian Angels and Angelic Watchers to work with you. These angels will help you in every aspect of your lives from this day on. Their first task is to help you feel comforted and connected to members of your own Soul Lineage, your spiritual family, and to fulfill your Spiritual Contracts. A Divine Contract can span over many lifetimes. Each lifetime you accomplish parts of your Mission and set the pace for the future lifetimes to finish the job. You need to have perfect Health and wholeness and Wealth and abundance in your worldly life before you can fully focus your attention on your Divine Mission. This is why I bring you this Grid of Light to help you accomplish all these projects simultaneously. Personal Guardian Angels. We begin with your Personal Guardian Angels. This Angel has been with you throughout your life. Each person has one Personal Guardian Angel who attends to all your daily needs and appoints other Angels, Guides and Guardians to attend to you. Your Personal Guardian Angel is your best friend and closest confidant. If life on Earth was in full alignment, all your needs and desires would be met at all times with the help of your Personal Guardian Angel and you would live in a constant state of peace and harmony. Cosmic Guardian Angels. I appoint Cosmic Guardian Angels to take form to help your Personal Guardian Angel. These Cosmic Guardians would add strength and stamina to carry out your needs and desires and to help your Personal Guardian Angels. The Cosmic Guardians create a bridge with the personal Guardian Angels to help your personal needs to align with your Spiritual needs. When your daily needs are met, you are in a better position to attend to the needs of your Soul and your Spirit. Your Cosmic Guardian Angel will help your Personal Guardian to bring you the attainment of your Divine Mission and to help you succeed in daily life. Legions of Guardian Angels and Angelic Watchers, your Celestial Guardians. Finally I invite Legions of Guardian Angels to become your constant companions and to shine their Emerald Green Light of prosperity, Abundance, Truth, Hope, Health and Healing to you permanently. Angelic Watchers are Celestial Guardians who will become your constant companions watching over you and paving the path for your success in both your worldly and spiritual pursuits. Grid of Light Meditation to connect Personal Guardian with Cosmic Guardian Visualize yourself standing in front of your Divine Mother. I am beaming my Copper Gold Light to encapsulate you. Feel the Copper Gold Light envelope you. Pause and breath in the Copper Gold until you feel fully enveloped in the Light. See your Personal Guardian Angel come to stand in front of you. Look into the eyes of you Guardian Angel and strengthen your connection. She is emanating a beautiful White Light. You receive and absorb the Light and your vibration becomes harmonized with your Personal Guardian Angel. Now, step into your Personal Guardian Angel. Feel yourself fully encased inside of the body of your own Personal Guardian Angel. Pause and absorb the Light and feel the love of your Angel engulf you. Now see that a huge Angelic Being has come forth. This is your Cosmic Guardian Angel. She is emanating a profusion of bright Lights. The Lights change in range of colors based upon your need as each color heals and provides a specific quality of healing and strength to you. Pause for a moment to absorb the lights and receive healing. Now visualize that you are encased inside your Personal Guardian and pulled into the bosom of your Cosmic Guardian Angel. Breathe and bathe and feel yourself expanding. Feel the rhythm of your heart beat with the same pulse as your Personal and your Cosmic Guardian Angels. Breathe into your heart and expand the space of your Heart Chakra. Visualize that I connect your Personal Heart Chakra with the Heart Chakra of your Personal Guardian Angel to build a bridge between your heart, your Guardian Angel's Heart and the heart of your Cosmic Guardian Angel. These two will work together and help you achieve your goals and accomplish your soul's mission. The Personal Guardian Angel and the Cosmic Guardian Angel will begin to constantly bestow love upon you, expand and protect your energy field and release and remove dross, bringing health and wholeness to your body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit and open up the pathways for prosperity and abundance to flow into your life; material possessions and financial gain to move through your hands and your being; Sacred Magic and healing to emanate from your body to others and to the Five Elements. There is a heart to heart connection between you, your Personal Guardian Angel and your Cosmic Guardian Angel. You are receiving the energies from your Personal Guardian Angel, as well as your Cosmic Guardian Angel. I now call forth the Angelic Forces for Prosperity, Abundance, Truth, Hope, Health and Healing. These Angelic Guardians are now assembling around you in a circle, emanating bright Emerald Green Light which penetrates into your body. Truth and Hope are needed for completion of your Mission and so are Prosperity and Abundance. The Emerald Green Light shines from the bodies of these Angelic Forces, to help the Life Force move through you without blockage, without dimness, without obstacles. Magnified by your Personal and Cosmic Guardians, this healing Emerald Green Light becomes even more vibrant and refreshed, renewed and plentiful. Natural organic Emerald Green Light provides Life Force to all living substance. Breathe and bathe. Circles of Watchers, the Celestial Guardians of Divine Mother's Light. Visualize a Circle of Celestial Guardians forming around you. These are the Watchers. As beacon of my own Light, they magnify and extend my own Copper Gold Signature Light to you. Feel yourself receiving a magnification of Copper Gold Healing Light from the Watchers; a magnification of the Light of abundance, wealth, health, wholeness, prosperity and healing from the Angelic Guardians and a magnification of Healing Light from your own Cosmic and Personal Guardian Angels. Love and Healing flows through you. As you practice receiving these healing Lights, you will come to a place of permanent calm and peace. All of these Angelic Guardians are here to magnify your intentions and be in charge of prosperity on Earth. It is my intention that prosperity and abundance, health and wholeness be retrieved and returned into your hands and your bodies because you will be the great beacons of these qualities. In your hands and your hearts, these qualities will blossom and bloom. You will share these qualities with others. You will be fair to others. You will stand in truth. You will be just. You will use what is given to you in righteousness, in fairness, in goodness and in Light. You have been incarnating on Earth to rescue your brothers and sisters in Light who are still stuck and as yet unawakened, and to bring them back to the Realms of Light. Together we must clean up the Energy Bodies of Earth. We are issuing dispensations for these newly appointed Angelic Forces to take their position of guardianship of each of you, to clear and cleanse the atmosphere of Earth from all those grooves and etchings that caused the dimness. This is why these newly appointed Angelic Forces are so important. I want you to remember to call these Angelic Forces always. Remember to summon these Angelic Forces and call upon their help, not just for yourself but for other people, places, countries and continents in need. Where there is flooding, where there is rioting, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, blight, wildfires, wherever they may be, it is these Angelic Beings who need to be called upon. See these Angels illuminating the Emerald Green Light which stands for truth, hope and wealth- for natural organic life and material abundance. Breathe and bathe. I say to you, may your reward be multiplied a thousand fold and may you receive in goodness and love from eternity to eternity. I hold you in my own heart with love and gratitude. I thank you again and again and again. I am your very own Divine Mother. So it is, it is done, amen. © Nasrin Safai 2011

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  • What an amazing synchronicity and amazing blessing as the Divine Plan unfolds in its perfection.


    Thank you so much! Namaste'


  • This is wonderful Amba !!

    Thank you a lot for sharing !!


  • thank you for this beautiful blessing. Amba
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  • thank you for this beautiful blessing.
  • I feel this, beautifully. Thank you for sharing it. I hope to call upon the empowerment of these angels to receive and give the love and light we all need.
  • This is soooo beautiful Amba.  Hope for the cause of Divine Mother is the only cause worth mentioning.  Ascension with everyone is short of the goal.  This is a paradox of course. Ascension is deeply personal yet reflected to all.  As self love grows in connection with the immaculate Heart of Divine Mother; how can it not spread to all of her creation!
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