Hello everyone!

Almost every level of every form of Reiki has a symbol. Once you get attuned in different forms or Reiki in different levels, there are a lot of symbols that you have to deal with then. Activating and drawing all of them for maximum power gets hard.

1) Is there a way to activate ALL symbols at one time, that you have received in your attunements? Also, can you make ONE symbol to which you connect all those symbols, so you have to draw only 1 symbol and it may activate and bring in the power of all?

2) When trying to heal yourself or some one else, How much of a difference in power does it make if you activate the symbols of all levels of a form of Reiki that you are attuned in VS only activating the symbol of the highest level of that form of Reiki?
For example, if one is attuned in first 4 degrees of Usui Reiki. Will there be any difference in healing between
Activating all 4 = Cho-Ku-Rei, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, Sei-Hei-Ki, Dai-Ko-Myo
Just activating Dai-Ko-Myo?

I am new to Reiki. Looking forward to help from you guys!
Thanks for your input!

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Interesting topic. In my experience, symbols are a way of activating "subroutines" in the subconscious that refine the focus and intent of the healing technique you are performng. One of the secrets of Reiki is that Dr. Usui - Sensei intended for symbols to be used in training until the reiki practitioner developed enough practice to transcend the need to draw and activate the symbols. The process was intended to become automatic. Hence, some sstems dispense with symbols altoegether. Ole Gabrielsen's systems are a good example. Kundalini Reiki does not utilize symbols. Rainbow Rays Gemstone system also works on intention alone. That being said, I have found hanging and drawing multiple symbols (E.g. - CKR-SHK-HSZSN-DKM) creates a more resonant and amplified synergy than just drawing DKM alone, although the DKM can stand the place of all other symbols. One symbol I know which does activate all the others, especially if you draw it with the intention "ativate and hold ALL symbols and empowerments to which I am attuned and they shall remain in full force until completion" is to use the Fusion symbol. (Once attuned to Fusion Reiki, which you can do here or through self-attunement if you are a Reiki Master already.


I agree with TJ, even to the drawing and painting of reiki symbols in your own room or on a healing box. Your inner mind needs to know what you are trying to do when you invoke a symbol. So practise each one, combined with mental imagery and psychic force, to learn them. Then you can create a symbol or image or gesture to invoke them all.

It's tempting to skip the steps with reiki symbols but it pays off if you do the work.

if memory does not fail me
then the shamballa of the rake has full integration of all symbols
force of intention and that is all.

Be reiki fusion, a single symbol for all

Thanks for the input everyone!

   I asked the founder of a reiki form how to activate all symbols of any particular form together. There are forms with 20+ symbols! This was what gave me the idea - "Awen Energy Transformation" on this link :

He said simply ask God to activate all symbols at once for you. I have been doing it ever since. I just ask God to activate them all. It works!

   This is what I do with any reiki form (and it has worked with every form I have used) :

Eg. for Reiki X, (after activating the main flow of Reiki)

1) Please activate Reiki X now.

2) Please activate All Levels and All Symbols and All Energies of Reiki X now.

If that form has specific divine beings like Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides etc who are named, then I will also say

3) Please activate the energies of Divine Being Name 1, Divine Being Name 2, Divine Being Name 3... now.

    That's all! Simple and effective! I did that with forms where I didnot even know what the symbol was and it still worked! :D

    I have read on websites and Shamballa MDH manuals also say (as far as I can remember) that Reiki symbols themselves donot have energy. They are just a convenient way of calling in the energy that was placed in you when you were attuned. You can call in any specific energy with intention and without using the symbol. The new version of Shamballa MDH does not have symbols.

    I have read the manual of Fusion Reiki. It never occurred to me that you can use it to activate and hold All symbols. Thanks for mentioning it T J and Manuel Sanchez! So in one session, you would use the Fusion symbol to activate all symbols of "One" reiki form ONLY which you are using, and not All reiki forms that you are attuned to. Because running more than one reiki forms at the same time causes their power and healing capability to drop drastically. (My tests showed more than 50%.)

Using the Fusion symbol by itself automatically activates the symbols for Usui, Seichem, and Karuna Reiki modes and harmonizes them together with Qi Gong energy as well. So all of those are available in one session anyway. Karuna Ki also automatically accesses Usui symbols and energies when you are performing a session. I personally have seen very few nstances of needing more than one Reiki mode in a session. I don;t understand why you would have a need to do this?

By more than one reiki mode in a session, do you mean, activating more than one reiki form (eg. Usui Reiki & Kundalini Reiki) at the same time in the same session?

If that is what you meant, well it was a mistake I made. I did not know at the time that we should not activate more than one reiki form at the same time. I found out later, during testing, that it should not be done. Power and healing shot up when I used only 1 form. I discussed it with others and they said the same. Those tests were over, last year. My knowledge has increased since then! :) Also I asked this question on 13th July 2016. :)

      I am always looking for ways of helping others to heal faster, deeper, more completely. I keep trying new things. Using more than one reiki form at one time was one such attempt. It was a mistake. I moved on to using and testing stronger forms. Finally, I got attuned to The strongest form of Reiki that I have come across until now. --> Lightarian Reiki!

   After Lightarian, the strongest that I came across is Ashati. It is not reiki but used like reiki. It needs attunements. AMBA has attunements for both of them. Here is the result of one of my tests. Comparing Lightarian Reiki to another Strong form that I tested earlier. See my post at
Lightarian Reiki TM

Usui Reiki is 1st band.

Karuna Reiki is 2nd band.

Lightarian Reiki makes up bands 3-8.

Add me plz

we can also do for all the reiki who are exist

Are you talking about the Fusion symbol? You mean we can use Fusion symbol to activate symbols of all reiki forms that exist (the ones that we are attuned to)? Or did you mean the method I posted above? (3 points)


Maybe be happy with using one at a time!?!

Maximum power could be a desire maybe not needed...

Be happy with each symbol, even if its not like a turbo charger!




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