A Great Blessing: The Universal Healing Hands Program - No Attunement Required

I ran into a local woman who has a very popular energy healing practice here in NorCal. She shared with me the following:  every person has "guides" whether they are aware of such fact or not.   There has been made available by "Angelic Beings" a Healing Hands Program available to every human on the planet via each human's guides.  All a person need do to participate is invoke:  "please make the healing hands energies available to me now" and the energies will begin flowing through the person and out the hands.  If the person wishes the energies to stop all that needs be said is "healing hands energies please stop".  If the energies stop on their own all that needs be done is to re-invoke the process.

How to apply the energies to ones self or others?  They can be applied as would be the case with Reiki.  In this regard i would take a look at the sites noted below.  NOTE:  utiliize the hand positions taught.  The Reiki symbols are not part of this program.  Or, improvise as your intuition dictates.  Please let me hear about your experiences as she would like to get feedback on the results.  AND, share the fact of the Program's existence with friends...

NOTE:  This is not Reiki and is in no way intended to "compete" with Reiki.  And the frequency is not like that of Usui Reiki.  Nevertheless, the frequency seems quite positive and beneficial and is certainly helpful to those in search of valid healing energy...So far the program has worked just fine with everyone with whom i have discussed it...Hopefully, it will do the same with/for you...




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