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Wonderful gift of love from source for valentine's day <3

Twin Flame's Reunion Reiki is a powerful system of 14 initiations made of 56 light energies to heal, clear, and help  twin flames, even if you didn't meet your twin. Even without really have romantic relashionship, climb and up your spirit to Source, according to divine flame in you..

Twin Flame's reunion Reiki is provided by source to connect your true divine essence by the twin flame journey.

I'm proud of this work, more than 650 hours of work on channeling to completly finish it.

this system doesn't require any level of reiki to be learn, and master to be transmitted.

Preview 30 min minimum for each degree end prefer to finish it in the same day..

This system allows to:

- correct any attractions of twins not according to our souls and self, and duality... only the best for all

- protect from negative egos and duality transformation of energies

- allow twin karmas to have better aknowledgment of the other's difficulties

- reanalyse auras to clean to be free to be ourselves without being the other

- correct visualisation of the other and for the other (imagination is so easy to devellop in fantasmatic auras..)

- Helps feminine energies to devellop herself a good canalisation protected by the self, cleaning abandonment

- Makes possible life together if soul destiny allows it

- Connexion to self and divine self

-better understanding of soul purpose and mission

- Help masculine to correct hara energies eaten by collective influences to reorganize self presence, collective auras replaced outside

- Cleans soul mates and frees souls immediatly

-  mediumnic and energetic work enhanced

- corpus collopsum cleanded, inconscious mind freed from negative captivities

be yourself, without wrong attractions, collectives, egos, accepting freely love and the other. Meet and synchronise more quickly, clean everyday's mess when it's done.


1/ heart’s opening and freeing

2/ masculine and feminine clearing according to source

3/ mental energies clearing
4/ Corpus callosum and inprint of non divine energies clearing
5/ emotions and affect clearing
6/non-of-self clearing

7/ soul passages with the help of soulmates
8/ Anti stress –to release etheric energies
9/ soul clearing

10/ reaffirm your self
11/ sacred couple clearing

12/ karmic issues with soulmates

13/ non divine karmas freeing

14/ divine and universal love...

Manual in french and english

All this is offered to you for only 90usd, a special reduced price for you all

With all my love, mp me!

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  • Pleasure is all mine :) you know, when you want something so much like a call of your spirit, miracles happen ... that's what happend for me, i wanted so muc heal that or that, like twin flame's reiki...

  • Hoo sorry Lauriane & Alain, i did not realised this system is yours,haha,

    I wish one day i will be so strong at managing and feeling energy so i can do things like that too, really great work,

    Thanks again!^^

  • Thank you for your kind words Golden Path... Even if it's me posting it (and founder) not our beloved Amba :p

    For your emotions about men i knew that too. Good job! Anti stress in this reiki helps a lot!


  • Since i have begin to do Reiki and energy work, i of course till now have not found a boyfriend, but yet i have been attracting really gorgeous men ( yes i was out a lot for fun with a friend)

    It did not happened to me since i was younger.

    Men who take care of their bodies, are gorgeous and intelligent, nearly like a dream,lol!^^

    But also, when we feel energy we know right way who is not for us, so it breaks a little the "enchantment" but never mind , it is still very fun to feel our own magnetism growing stronger!

    I have many issues about trusting men, even if i am not jealous anymore, so i think it put a lot of barriers around me.

    Also recently, i discovered that i could think about someone and just be happy for this person existence, i was shocked,

    This feeling is really the beginning of true love,hehe

    Thanks again Amba, great attunement!^^

  • This one looks great Amba, if i was not so broke i would take it,lol!

    Even if there was no twin flame involved, it is still a great healing system!^^

  • Oh yes, it's a reiki i used to devellop because i was guided for of course, but also because i used to live with a pervert and suffered a lot of feminine captivity in induction... i live with my husband and twin and if i have problems again i devellop higher and faster. Now he is sensible to my auras and understands my energy when i recognize someone in energy who's not me he has bad thinkings about me and recognizes himself as an idiot to permit all to happen :D

    We have not the same age and attraction repaired. Because of my fears of the future and hurted heart i had lot of energies to clean to vibrate high with him, that's why this system is so complete... because i coming back from so far... i wished so hard twin flame's devellop less sufferings and bad energy moods..

  • With so many systems for relationships, can you get a tangible in this physical reality?

This reply was deleted.