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The Flow of Amara- Amara is an energy-consciousness of individual empowerment and self-discovery. The intent is not to healbut to become aware of our subconscious currents, our inner "waters", which hold the key to the mysteryof our being. The energy-consciousness assists us to accept our wounds as they are now and helps us tobecome fully aware of their reasons for manifesting.We all experience pain at some point or another andsome experiences leave wounds that stay open. Bybecoming aware of the patterns that keep thesewounds open, we finally allow them to heal naturally.Nothing needs to be undone or fixed, as our truenature is whole and perfect. Allowance is the onlything needed to experience healing.Amara will help us to see our "darkness", our shadowself, and accept it as it is. It will help us connect withour subconscious where most of our true power andmagic currently resides. The energy-consciousnesswill work with us so that we can bring thesesubconscious aspects into our conscious experienceof who and what we are. Through understanding themystery of our Self we reach mastery. Amararepresents the aspect of the self that is fully groundedin its own divinity, radiating the full spectrum of its being outwards.Amara is like water, transforming itself to fit every possible situation that manifests. Amara is everevolving,flowing and unfolding. In that state of being we become Amara, as it is not some form ofconsciousness that is separate from the self.The core nature of Amara is consciousness and it should not be seen as a mere energy stream. Themovement of consciousness creates energy. This movement is quite important, as it will help in aligningourselves with the core consciousness of Amara. The energy guides us to the core by facilitating shifts inperception and consciousness. Unlike some systems that focus more in simply balancing the energy flow ofour subtle bodies, Amara also works in the level of pure consciousness. The energies will align the subtlebodies so that the actual consciousness can ground itself into our being. This is not "better" or "worse"than systems that focus more in getting direct results with energy manipulation. This is simply different.Amara works well for those who simply resonate more with this particular approach. Amara does not offerquick fixes to physical or psychological imbalances. It does not offer a fast path to “enlightenment” either.Amara simply offers a journey within. When we reach and experience the core we begin to understandeverything that happens around it. In that space we can find true healing and empowerment.Amara has connections to many different realms of consciousness. It can be said that Amara is actually aunified group consciousness composed of several unique aspects of the divine.

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  • Thank you for sharing with us!!I recognized the Order of the Silver Serpiert symbol from Amara Omni System I received on my Order of Melchizedek attunement..., his spinning represents also Melchizedek's ball of light..!Light and Peace!!

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