Nephilim Gospel: With Its Alien Jesus, Indigo Children, Ascended Masters, Alien Bible "Urantia Book"

Nephilim Gospel: With Its Alien Jesus, Indigo Children, Ascended Masters, Alien Bible "Urantia Book"

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Don't forget that God created the Aliens too. Aliens can do Gods will as well as us. God works through us so why could he not also work through Aliens. Which race of Aliens and where from is the fellow in this video talking about? Many Alien races are millions of years advanced of us and have evolved to the level of being able to create life. In our state of evolution we would consider then to be Gods. The Universe is full of life on many, many dimensions. The important thing is not to be narrow minded. Consider all things as possibilities. If you can think of something then by definition it already exists.

Just my 5 cents worth - love you Melodie!



Thank you for saying all this. I don't know why it hasn't crossed my mind before about God creating Aliens too. Yes, you are right, it just never occurred to me. There is so much to learn, and to consider, talk about openly, chew on it all, and as I have said before, to see where it all fits in to our own beliefs. I have an open mind and enjoy hearing what others think about everything I post. I too am learning so much from other members. I love that it may change my thoughts as to how I may think it works for me. Thank you for giving me more to think about. It's wonderful that we can share and learn from each other, and even better to have great conversations with like minded people. Please feel free to add any posts or videos here that you feel is important, or just interesting for debating. I do hope others will do the same.

Some people may be shy of speaking out, I know I was some years ago, but I taught my children to ask if they didn't know or understand something, and they did. The one day during a course to do with my work, I dared to finally speak out, and said, "I'm sorry, but what does that mean", and to my surprise, most others in that course followed suit and said they also didnt understand it either. After that, I did it every time. It's just taking that first step.

I have to say, I don't understand when a person thinks there is no other intelligence in the Universe. My husband laughs at me when I speak of spiritual things, or about Aliens, so I tend to save it for like minded friends and those I have befriended over the years online.

Thank you once again, love and Blessings Doug


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