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The Chinese Lunar Calendar

The Chinese Lunar Calendar starts on Chinese New Year, which falls generally on the first full moon in February. Each moon is divided into two parts, and each has it's own festivals and celebrations.

Chinese New Year starts the year with The First Moon. The first celebration is Spring Festival in the period Spring Begins. This is followed later with the Lantern Festival. The second half is called Rain Water.

The next full moon is the Apricot Moon. The first division is called Insects Awaken.The second term is Spring Equinox, with it's celebration of Guanyin.

Next comes The Peach Moon. The first term is called Clear Bright and includes the the Clear Bright Festival. The second term is Grain Rains, and the Mother Ancestor is honored in this term.

Next is the Plum Moon, which is divided into Summer Begins and includes the Cheung Chau Bun Festival, the birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha and also honors The Right Immortals. The second period is called Grain Fills.

The fifth moon is the Pomegranate Moon. The first period is Ears of Grain, and a celebration of The God of Longevity as well as the Dragon Boat Festival. The second term is Summer Solstice.

After that is The Lotus Moon. Slight Heat is the first term, with a celebration for the God of Carpenters. The second term is called Great Heat.

Next is The Orchid Moon which begins with Autumn Begins and includes the Double Seven Festival and the Ghost Festival. The second term is Limit of Heat.

Now we come to the Osthmanthus Moon. The first part is White Few and the Moon Festival. The second term is the Autumn Equinox with a celebration of The Monkey King.

The next moon is the Chrysanthemum Moon. The Cold Dew term includes the Double Nine Festival, and is followed by the term Frost Descends.

Now comes The Excellent Moon. Winter Begins is the first period with the recognition of Bodhidharma, followed by the term Slight Snow. 

The Winter Moon is the next moon, starting with Great Snow. The second period is Winter Solstice with the Winter Solstice Festival.

Finally we come to the moon called The Last Moon. The first term is Slight Cold with the Laba Festival, followed by the period called Great Cold with Chinese New Year's Eve.

And now we can start all over!

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