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The Pleiadian Collective Passionately, Incitefully & Lovingly Urges You to Empower Yourself ~ El Anora via Lesley Hicks

Posted: 07 Aug 2013 09:05 PM PDT

Beloved Light Beings,
We are the Pleiadian Collective Consciousness that is the explosive Love that comes from the direct Source of the Creator. We Love you. YOU are Eternal beings of Light Flowing through the Cosmic in beautiful and absolute Love and we are always with you. We have said to you, dear Ones, that we would not be landing upon the Earth. That it was for you to find within your own Consciousness and Power that is deep inside you, for you are magnificent.
But there is another reason we would not be landing upon the Earth at this time: It is that in a Quantum state we are always with you, do you SEE through to this?
If we are always with you, than that means that we are walking by your side this moment and that your ability to travel to the Pleiades is asured. Certainly, you must know that in all your discourses the Truth of Etheric Perfect Travel has been made known to you? And if it has been made known to you by so many Sources, then is it not within you to do so?
So, if you are Divine Beings walking the Earth and are capable of traveling through your Merkaba to the places in the Universe that are part of your Divine Being, through your Celestial Light, then would it not be an absolute violation for us to interfere in your ability to become empowered?
It would.
And this, dear Ones, is why we have always spoken to you about seeing within your own being and understanding the Truth that exists there. For Truly, you are miraculous beings upon the Earth in a constant state of Co-Creation, why will you not join together with one another and Create Love in all moments?
If you have understood the Love of the Divine Mother, you understand absolute Unconditional Love, do you not? You all are existing in absolute Love, are you not?
Dear Ones, we know that you have a long way to go before you exist completely in absolute Unconditional Love and so, with compassion and Love, this is your first step on your Journey of Light. We applaud you, but you must know, that all those you would consider a Federation of Light (there is no such thing), is in Truth YOU. Being YOU, they are a collective of all your Energies that you have create within the Astral plane to be termed a "Federation", but in Truth beloved Ones, beyond this astral Layer is a Palace and Abode of Pure Love and Bliss overseen by the True Masters who are beyond the Illusion of Death and Fear, Om.
From this place of Pure Love and Bliss, this is your start on your Evolutionary State. For any Master who walks the Earth, any True Positive Ascended Master, would have passed through this phase.
So, Beloved Ones, hear in this pure love that we send to you and feel the space, for this is a recognition from our Hearts. It is time to Empower you. 2013 is the Golden Age of Love, but it is also the Golden Age of Truth.
In the Past, we might have veiled the Truth for you in illusion allowing in each moment for that Truth to come forward for you so that you could learn while in lesson, but now that you are aligned to the Source of The Creator, we would be amiss and in Truth, very irresponsible if we did not tell you the Truth completely.
This New Age is about Truth, and it starts with the Masters who walk this planet. Go to the True Positive Masters, go to th True Yogis of all places and ask them the Truth. Ask them how they live, for from this place is your first start. Before you can exemplify their lives in all that you do, there will be of course no landing from us.
If you lived completely as they did, you would not need us to land, for assuredly you would travel to our place completely and in Truth, it would be our tremendous honor to visit you in each moment.
This is not a sadness, but a deep love that we send out from our Heart Chakras, you are magnficent. It is time for you now to realize that completely.
We deep love and tremendous blessings,
The Pleiadians
Through Lesley Hicks, Jaina (Ma Atmananda)
This channel may be shared given these two exceptions, that a credit be given to Lesley Hicks, Jaina (Ma Atmananda) and that none of the contact contained herein be changed in any way (with the exception of minor edits when it comes to language (such as translations).
Many blesings of gratitude to Pure Unconditional Love and Light of the True Lord Krishna. I am grateful to be able to be of service in this way.

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