Anunnaki Antarctica Serpentine Holographic Sumerian Ruins Proof Video Antarctica IV WebEncode CUT HD

Anunnaki Antarctica Serpentine Holographic Sumerian Ruins Proof Video Antarctica IV WebEncode CUT HD

Published on 14 Jan 2013

This is the High Resolution Version in HD DVC PRO 1920 x 1080 for those wishing to view the clips in High Quality. It has been recut as the previous version was a ROUGH CUT ONLY... It is STILL SOLEY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES! A few people complained that my previous Serpentine Sumerian Anunnaki Holographic Antarctica a Once and Future Eden Google video was Too pixelated... Yes, I do understand for those who are more left brained , although this is a myth, I mean stereotypically less creative or artistic, that it can be a bit of a challenge to see some of the images, however, as an artist, who has MANY professional artist friends, editors, painters, writers, producers, animators, photographers, et al... And having gotten feed back from both pro and student artists, as well as the more right brained and logical professional or student and arm chair a la Google or lap top archaeologists and geologists, pilots etc.- I can assure you, I am by no means stretching it - and the images in the video are accessible to ALL who keep their eye's and minds open while viewing it... In other words, the video should be within reach of EVERYONE - i.e., NOT just artists , and should be more than enough evidence of ground truth hidden in plain site on Google Earth and Earth Pro, proving a huge international cover up since WWII and even before of science and technologies which, based upon the finds contained therein and plainly illustrative of a civilization possessing a complete mastery of the arts of geo engineering and terra sculpting which are so all encompassing as shown by their results in shaping entire mountains, mountain ranges, and even entire land masses as well as the bodies of water adjacent to them, that they make the much rumored zero point electro magnetic and or sound energy technologies employed by the Egyptians to build things such as the Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx, appear to be mere child's play on an entirely amateurish level altogether comparatively speaking. In fact, this video is for those who had a hard time seeing the satellite imagery referenced above, and proves that point beyond a reasonable doubt, for this video is comprised of ground documentation, shot by Antarctic Researchers and their documentary filmographers, as well as NASA, USN (from Naval Archival Footage and directly shot from the screen off such USN documentaries as Operation High Jump , Operation Deep Freeze , Sea Bee's In Antarctica , etc. etc., as well as NASA Operation Ice Bridge, NASA flight videos over the sub Arctic Continent, etc. etc. etc.), National Geographic, University of Nebraska, British Antarctic Survey, Antarctic Travel and Tourist Agency Promotional Videos, Polar Research Group Documentaries, staff videos from bases like McMurdo, Neumayer Station, Princess Elisabeth Station, etc. etc., as well as Sub Arctic Tourist Homemade videos and photographs and slide shows posted here on YouTube as well as on the world wide web a la such sites as PhotoBucket, etc. etc. etc... So the viewer can him or herself easily duplicate what I have done here, by merely acquiring professional photographers zoom app via the web, allowing them to replicate what I've done here by zooming images from one or more of the aforementioned by up to a thousand X the original resolution, you too can uncover the evidence and proof of an international elitist and corporate coverup of technologies which would free us from our current false paradigm of haves and have nots, of toxic energy sources which keep us all as the surfs of the neo feudal international corporate fascist bankers and their point 000001 percent masters who control 99% of the earths resources while engineering manmade shortages and famines for profit , to keep us all week and on our knees as their willing slaves. All the while we possess the key to taking what is rightfully our own inheritance, our own world and history back that key is the self empowerment which flows from opening our eyes and allowing ourselves to see, believe, and understand as much as we can by sharing and communicating with first ourselves and then one another, the truth that has been right before us, and served as the invisible bars of this co created spell and invisible rusty cage we all are the elites jailers of ourselves in by not seeing these prison walls are merely composed of the all too available truth which has been not so hidden at all all along in plain sight. If at first you don't see anything, don't despair, just let the images keep flowing past you, and eventually they will trigger something in your subconscious, and then, like a flood, you won't be able to stop seeing things, not just in Antarctica, but all around you, no matter where you live in the world. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

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