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2013 Monthly Lesson from Master Djwhal Khul

Monthly Lesson for January 2013
Master Djwhal Khul
December 31, 2012

Beloved Students:

How marvelous that you are now celebrating not only a New Year, but a New Era on Planet Earth. May you seed well the future of your precious planet, and may all your positive efforts and energy be returned to you 1000-fold!

What possibilities are you considering for your own growth as you enter this New Era? In what areas of your personal life are you “raising the bar” for greater accomplishment? Let yourself experience some excitement in the journey you are making with Earth. As you stand on the threshold of this New Era, look toward your future with anticipation and expectancy. Should fear raise it’s provocative head, shift the energy into excitement. Remain awake, and harvest well each arising creative moment.

So what are you seeding for the future of humanity? How will humans of a future time relate to their planet and each other? Truth is, you are seeding future versions of yourself right now. While many people understand this notion conceptually, far fewer comprehend the practical ramifications such may carry. Indeed, if they did, they would likely invest more effort and energy into the ongoing workshop of the mind.

As the old adage goes, “What you think about, you become.” While many folks pay lip service to this principle, far fewer live their lives as if they believe it. Since you create by the thoughts you project, why is it so many folks let thought projections fly that do not match what they claim to believe?

When looking through the eyes of the monk of grumpy mind, one’s experiences are “colored” with a negative hue. Given this fact, why don’t more people choose to view their experiences through the eyes of the monk of joyful mind? After all, the whole perception game takes place in the mind, and the choice always belongs to the beholder, doesn’t it?

Some would argue that they simply cannot change the way they see or react to arising events and circumstances. Taking this position, however, amounts to asserting they are not in charge of their own minds. Yet, if they are not in charge of their minds, who is?

Moving directly to the point, perception is a habituated mental function. One sees not necessarily what is, but what one has habitually seen in similar circumstances. By taking charge of the mind, one can, in fact, change the way one sees things. To do so, however, requires the aspirant to be awake enough to question his/her own perceptions.

As you may have noticed, most folks are quite adroit at questioning the perceptions of others. Yet, do you question your own perceptions with the same regularity you question the perceptions of others? Most likely, you do not, since you probably use your own perceptions and projections as some kind of base for what seems “true.”

This teaching is not intended to address the surface level of whose perceptions are correct and whose are off base. It is to stress the importance of your learning to recognize your own habituated patterns and projections. When you are awake enough to see them, you can then not only question their veracity, you can disrupt the mental trances you have habituated.

While some of them may have served you in the past, such is not validation that they continue to serve you now. It turns out that seeing with fresh eyes is categorically impossible so long as those habituated mental trance states are running your mind. (Yes, as a New Era dawns, it is probably the perfect time to do The Great Awakening series again.)

In the final analysis, all thoughts, feelings, perceptions and projections can be lumped into one of two categories. They’re either life-affirming, or death-affirming. Peering through the eyes (or perception field) of the monk of grumpy mind will always give you a picture of what’s wrong with whatever you are experiencing, be it another person or a situation. Yet, continued practice in seeing only what is wrong in one’s relationships and experiences steeps your precious mind in toxic, death-affirming energy.

Likewise, when habitually peering through the eyes of the monk of doubting mind, one’s mind is fed death-affirming morsels. Fed enough of this “mind food,” one will slip into bouts of paranoia and suspicion. Now, please don’t take this as a blanket statement that doubt is never an appropriate or useful response. Indeed, wise discernment demands otherwise. What we want to focus on here are the habituated stances your mind takes, perhaps without your being fully conscious of its movement.

What happens to your mood and outlook when you peer through the eyes of the monk of envious mind? What happens in your inner landscape when you look through the eyes of the monk of vengeful mind, the monk of resentful mind, the monk of deceitful mind, or the monk of fearful mind?

If you are honest with yourself, you will note that each brings a different color or texture to your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and projections. However, each of these “monks” also fills your mind with death-affirming energy. In the end, your inner terrain is starkly revealed by the kind of energy (life-affirming or death-affirming) you project. Your goal is to cause the mind to ascend to a higher frequency of thought vibration, one that emits life-affirming energy.

It may be helpful to think of your mind as an inner monastery with numerous “monks” in residence. This is a practice that can actually enhance your mental purification. As you learn to work effectively with specific habituated thought patterns, you can make deliberate choices as to the thought/feeling energies you project to the world. In this way, you can systematically convert habituated, perhaps unconscious, death-affirming thoughts, feelings, perceptions and projections into the life-affirming frequencies that nurture both yourself and others.

While this may sound simplistic at first glance, it turns out to be a powerful tool for discovering your authentic self. Perceiving your personal world through the eyes of the monk of envious mind is simply not seeing from your authentic self. Likewise, projecting thoughts and feelings from the perspective of the monk of envious mind is equally inauthentic.

As you continue your mental purification, you will want to cut through the illusions projected by your inner cast of non-clear monks. In systematically cutting through the veils of illusion projected by the monks of lower mind, you will open some amazing doors in consciousness. Indeed, you will ultimately awaken to the sheer luminosity projected by your monks of higher mind. As your ascension from lower mind into higher mind becomes gradually stabilized, new vistas are opened that will point you directly toward your enlightenment. Further, you will have gained some important insights into the process of ascension.

At the dawn of this New Era, part of your task is to dream the possible human into manifestation. Indeed, you have direct input into how the collective creative process will move forward. As a co-creator in this new frontier, will you place humanity’s highest evolutional possibilities in the hands of the monk of fearful mind, or will you raise the bar by tapping into the monk of courageous mind? Indeed, if you think of the entire process as the creation of your own future, would you rather have it framed from the perspective of the monk of complaining mind or the monk of grateful mind?

In the recorded lesson for this month, Ascension Chapter XII, we will begin exploring new possibilities for human evolution. I invite each of you to consider carefully the mindset you will employ to engage in this (and future) lessons. For some of you, the monk of doubtful mind will be vying for the starting position. Even so, it is ultimately up to you to decide the source of the creative force you will apply. Take care that you do not leave such an important assignment exposed to the hazards of unconscious creation or unchallenged habits of mind. Step into your authentic self and guide well the evolutionary process that now invites your highest creative engagement.

Your loving Teacher,
Djwhal Khul

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