Namaste All, Is there any attunement Specially for astral projection, or can anyone guide me how to use reiki or any other modalities to have astral projection or astral travel, thanks In Advance

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yes, there is...

Please  can you guide me

this I am not aware of. I understand that it comes with practice of becoming aware when you are normally not aware just when one becomes lucid in dreaming it can take practice or come natural. I know some have used lucidity in dream state to transfer awareness to the astral body as its normally out anyway when dreaming only your not aware. however if there is an attunement that can help one potentially be aware during the vibrating state and then while separation occurs it is one i have never heard of but has peaked my interest. The only thing i can think of is its not an actual astral projection attunement BUT its an attunement of something else that can increase your frequency among other things which can lead to a much easier astral projection in lucidity. but i do not know everything and will never act like i know everything because i am still just learning like everyone else. I am sorry AMBA i was simply taken back by your answer by saying there is such an attunement. I been practicing astral projection for many years now and 10 years ago after the vibrating stage i got to take my legs out of my body and felt them floating like they would in water but i could not see as my top half was still in my body and consciously that was the closest ive ever came to it, BUT literally TWO days ago i had something amazing happen. I was just waking from sleep to use the restroom BUT instead of moving and opening my eyes I was able to keep my brain or consciousness at the level it was when i first became aware i was about to wake up, I then looked into the blackness behind my eyelids and suddenly I started seeing things come into view, suddenly i was in a city and each person I couldnt really see detail UNTIL i focused on that person THEN i could see every bump on his face or scar. I could see tall buildings like los angeles or chicago, maybe even new york. the man i zoomed up on as if i was an orb became sooo vivid in contrast including the buildings behind him faaar in the distance i was in aww.. then I shifted into another dimension that was almost animation-like not like a cartoon but sort of how shrek is real-ish, well i ended up in a place where little robed people with a brown tone was in existence and was no longer in the city no longer heard the cars but i had to pee so bad i decided to end it and get up. AMBA would you consider this like a meditative-like vision or would you call it remote viewing without knowing what im viewing, see i know how to remote view and its never nothing like that. I did find a way to compare it to QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) when one deloris cannon im sure your familiar with had came up with this method of healing through the higher self after visiting not only past lives LBL(life between lives) you see how it was when you exited the body of your past life, what it was like going into the light and meeting your council made up of 5 ancient souls or beings depending if your straight from source or if you are fromm an ET race from a higher density who had heard the call from gaia to incarnate in order to bring more light to the 3D plane on earth as we were on a path of destruction and NON ascension until the light beings started incarnating, meaning those who have already ascended once give it up to come and help the rest on earth who are stuck which we have been but we notice there is a MAJOR shift finally happening. 3rd wave is already been born which is the pure source light incarnating. 

ANYWAY my point being, during those sessions where they find out who they are and why they are here, any ailments are explained as to why they have them and they are healed then and there By YOU! and your higher self. NOW whatever people see during those experiences, im starting to think that i may have tapped into that without the guidance to get there but the problem is i didnt have the guidance to go further and ask questions , i didnt even think to ask for my guide until i tried again last night and it started, the shapes started coming into play and when i asked for archangel michael whom as shown himself in the past this way, i asked for him or my guides and once they started to show I came out of it meaning NO WONDER qhht takes a practitioner to guide people. my question is, does that sound like something similar to qhht visuals or..well.. i couldnt control what was showing up as in dreams you control it, this was something else and i wonder if i was projecting or maybe sending my consciousness to another location. i ask these questions because i have no one else to ask. 

I can keep working on this, so if you were to only answer one question i would choose the original question when it comes to the attunement the leads to astral projection. I understand you are not obligated to answer anything and you can just ignore this.. only its very important because knowing there is something like that really through me through a loop AMBA lol. thank you for your service to humanity and you are loved and respected with so much gratitude by so many people. you are a very special person this site and peoplle are so lucky to have. with much love and gratitude,



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