Hey Everyone,

I received my Usui Masters attunement a couple of  month from reiki blessings. I need to complete case studies in order for me to complete the program and receive my certificate. I am looking for volunteers to receive distant healing and attunements. What I need to do is send the healing or attunements and gather some feedback. If anyone is interested let me know. You respond to me here or send me an email at gary@downtoearthtarotandreiki.com



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I would like to volunteer for distant attunments.
Hi I'm lindsay . I'm usui reike master and would love to accept an attunment and give u the feedback

Sounds great! I would like to receive a distance healing or attunement. My name is Julian Gregg and you are welcome to contact me through this sight if you would like. Thanks!


I would be interested Gary. I am level 2 reiki - usui, seichem and angelic

this is awesome thank you evryone. we just need to scedule i am in usa nj eastern time zone.



I am also in eastern time zone in thunder bay, Ontario :)

I am in Dallas, Texas which is one hour earlier than NJ time. Is your method to do sessions in 'real time'? I assume that is why you are asking about scheduling? My schedule is wide open to communicate whenever. (aka unemployed!) You can also reach me by email: onebabyman@hotmail.com. Good Luck!


Thank you everyone this is so awesome. I can start doing attuments and healings  This Friday between 8;00 pm-10:00 pm eastern, Saturday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm and Sunday 4:00 pm-8:00 pm. Send me the which time matches up best with your own schedule. 


Friday between 8 and 10 pm works for me. The other times work as well. I am a little curious myself to feel the difference between this and an email or Audio attunement.

Sunday 3 pm my time or 4 pm your time would be best for me. I can do another time if necessary, I'm flexible. But, given the option, I think that would work best for me to remember and be ready to receive!


Love and Light to you kind sir!

anytime you like  I'm in Northern Ireland. L&L

Thank you everyone for volunteering to help me with my case studies, I am looking forward to giving these attunements. Below is the schedule so far.

Jason Forezza Friday May 25th 8:30pm Eastern Time
Hannah Jang Saturday May 26th 9:30pm Eastern Time
Julian Gregg Sunday May 27th 3:00pm Eastern Time.

The day of the attunement it is recommended that you avoid excessive caffeine, alcohol, rich and spicy foods.

At the time of the attunement you can be lying down or seated comfortably, if that helps you to relax you can light some candles and  play some soft music in the background. Once you are settled say.

I (your Name) am ready to receive my reiki attunement my highest greatest good from Gary. Then relax and the attunement will begin.

During the attunement you may feel heat, tingling, or some other sensation. If you feel nothing at all that is ok also that does not mean the attunement did not work. Reiki always works and will find its way to you. The attunement takes about 20 minutes.

After the attunement there is a 21 day cleansing period. You should drink a lot of water to help your body adjust to the new flow of energy. During the cleansing period, it is recommended that you practice Reiki Self-healing on yourself every day for 20 minutes. If you cannot allow yourself that much time just do your best.

You can download the three Reiki manuals from this website, if you can’t find them I can email them to you.

All I am asking in return is for you to write your experience of the attunement so I can use it for my case studies so I can receive my  master certification.

Also, feel free to contact with any questions.  I can’t wait to complete all of your attunements.



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