One thing that has bothered me since I first was attuned, (other than folks who don't understand Reiki and, in an effort to 'protect' their turf, mandated Reiki Practiice as a Massage form), is why there's so many kinds of Reiki, (I have attunements in Chikara Ki, Karuna Ki and Ushi, but it was a packaged deal). I remember reading post by the founder of Karuna Ki, (Vincent Amador) about the proliferation of Reiki 'types', and trying to make the point that Reiki is a spiritual modality; we humans induce 'denominationalism', sects, levels, noblities, etc. - a point I agree with especially with all the "donations" linked to attunements. I don't believe any form of Reiki is 'higher' stronger or elevating because of labels assigned it by humans who have a long history of making -  by fiat - their preferences or temporary traits, (gender, politics, income, etc.) more Godly, elite, faster, essential, etc.

I have no problem with the idea of energy exchange, donations, etc.or requesting a contribution for the class and/or attunement; it's the whole idea of having such variations for something that, given its nature, cannot have any 'brand name vrs generic' aspect, imo.

T. Creed

P.S. Sorry for the errors: it's 4 am and I'm a lousy typist at high noon!

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I understand reiki should be run by intention and simplicity. The higher we trust we are connect to source the easiest it becomes. If we want to make it complex, we can also do it. It follows your beliefs. Counciousness, in my opinion, is what raises your clarity and vibration. In fact, the names and technics are the ones I allow myself to express the power in me. There are many ways of sharing energy. Which ones do you believe to be better? Is it the technic or the intention that counts? Well, maybe there are T-shirts for every style...

Thank you for sharing


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