Hello my friends. This is my first post so i am kind of new here. I recently took a decision to change my life and i have loads of things to learn.I became really interested in Angelic Reiki and i would like to know if it would be better to get attuned to Usui Level 1 Reiki first than to get attuned to Angelic Reiki Level 1+2. I am also new to meditation and still trying to find my path. I did a good research on both Reiki systems but can not really make a decision in what would be more benefitial for me. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Love and Light!!!!

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Hi George,

Good for you for deciding to become a Reiki Practitioner! I'm sure it will change your life for the better the way it did mine. I am also new to meditation. I had been resisting it for a long time because I didn't understand it (I am one of those people that really need to understand before I embrace). I just finished reading a fantastic book and I finally get it! It makes so much sense to me now, and I am meditating with confidence. I am already seeing results in my life (stronger intuition, messages, happiness, etc). The biggest thing I learned from this book is: don't expect anything to happen DURING meditation, it is within your daily life that you will witness the magic happen. Yes, eventually you will have some spiritual things happen during meditation but that is not the point. Now that I have let go of expectations I am finally succeeding at meditation. Anyway...the book is called "Secrets of meditation - by Davidji".

I hope that helps!
Good luck and Many blessings!

Hi George,

I am suggestingyou to takeUsui reiki first, from first to Master 3. level, then Angelic reiki.




You should start the Usui Reiki Level 1 for your physical body cleaning for any toxins. When you are attuned the Usui Reiki Level 1 that your body will open cosmic energy. This is the first step healing yourself. And all doors will open inside you step by step.

But don't generalise energy or people.

We are all different : )

Love and hugs,

Thank you all for the help you gave me. I decided and got attuned to  Usui Reiki Level 1 and have started my 21 days self treatment period a couple of days ago. Still new to this energies, but i take my time to understand and feel the energy flowing. At some areas i dont feel anything but at some others i feel a very warm,calm and relaxing sensation that is hard to describe in words.

Love and Light to everybody and everything!

good for you!! I was going to say Usui Reiki 1-3 as well before doing anything else since it has all the basic information you need to learn

Wonderful : )

At this stage you can drink a lot of water.
You can listen relaxing musics. (The Reiki Effect, Vol. 1 Aeoliah/Mike Rowland)



Personally, I don't this there is any "wrong" way.  You do what calls to you.  

You are a powerful spiritual being and all is well ~  You decide  :-)  


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