1) Does getting more attunement allow one person to increase his energy system or more option for different energies? Is there a need to get as many attunement as possible?

2) If one person's bodies (i.e. physical, etheric, spiritual) are fully healed, does that mean that there is no karma in that person? Or bodies and karma are two different concept?

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Good questions, Andy.

1) I'd say both.There's never a *need* to do anything, and there are people who, say, get enlightened without any attunements whatsoever. So taking attunements is not necessarily a requirement for or a prerequisite to anything, but it may be a doorway. :)

2) Bodies and karma are two different concepts. Healing one's physical and subtle bodies simply means restoring them to their full integrity, so there are no rips, tears, weaknesses, distortions, etc. It doesn't necessarily mean emptying them of their contents (i.e. karmic imprints), although there are those who would argue that "full healing" means the release of all karma. Your mileage may vary. :)

Hi Andy,

Getting more attunements doesn't necessarily increase ones energy - remember it's always your intention that matters. There is one difference that I have experienced. Just be wary of a Kundalini attunement. By wary I mean be prepared for it. If done with the correct intention it can be very, very powerful and can physically affect you in many ways. In plain terms it can knock you around somewhat - but for me it was well worth doing - I'm glad I did.

As to your other question it is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Are we ever fully healed in all aspects as we are constantly in touch with so many other energies that to ever be fully healed would be an impossibility? But, then, consider the personage of the Master Jesus. You question considers the premise that there is a problem to start with. consider this - perhaps your "un-healed" situation, when viewed from a different vantage point, would be considered perfect.

Hope that is of some help. Great questions though!



Hello Doug.  I'm a new member here and am reading various uploads.  I am a Reiki practitioner.  I'm curious about your comment to Andy Tan regarding Kundalini energy.  I've always read and heard that what you said is true, and quite frankly, it's sort of scared me of the energy awakening.  Any advice you might be willing to share regarding Kundalini?  I'm interested in it, but gun-shy, I suppose.  Thanks so much.


Hi Karen,

About the time I underwent the Kundalini awakening I had gone through a great period of personal turmoil as regards spiritual matters and health. Let's just say that God gave me a big wake up call (a spiritual kick up the backside, if you like). I got the message and changed my life course. I had also just self illuminated, so i had begun to see everything in a different light. So, for me, other things that were happening or had just happened to me were influencing me as I did the Kundalini awakening. This may not be so for you. Perhaps for you at this time, hopefully, life is nice and smooth and hunky dory - you may sail through with no problems. In this you will have to be the judge. I can tell you that as a Reiki practitioner, as I am as well, you will see the benefits.

As I start a Reiki session I say to myself "Reiki on, Kundalini Reiki on, let the Holy Spirit flow" and I can feel the energy all the way up my spine, just like someone turned on the light switch. You also start to see things very differently in your life. You notice that life is not all about you. You turn away from so many things and an inner peace emerges. Life takes on a different pace and meaning.

So, yes, for me anyway, absolutely worth it. You will have to be the judge for you

Perhaps ask for divine protection, which, of course, is always granted.

Hope that all helps - if you need any more info just email me at dougallitt@gmail.com. You can find me at DougAllitt.com.

Cheers and good luck,



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