The Reconstruction of Spiritual Wholeness Program



The ‘Reconstruction of Spiritual Wholeness’ program is suitable for everyone. This is a program designed to support a person along their journey to truth at whichever stage they may be. There is literally something for everyone.

The program is designed to provide all the tools that an individual would need to fully awaken in a simple and straight forward manner.  The steps of the program can be followed from the beginning or split up and used as appropriate at that time. The tools provided in the program empower participants to take advantage of all the possibilities available to them, so different parts of the program would be more appropriate at different time of life’s journey.

The program is created in such a way that each participant is fully self-reliant. Every basic aspect that is needed for base activation and support of a spiritual awakening process is available here.  The program is meant to be a backbone to your development. It will push you to explore new avenues, awaken skills you never thought you had and help you to start aligning with the highest manifestation of you. Expect for miraculous synchronicities to take place and unexpected solutions to appear.

There are no particular rules or time constraints. This was done intentionally as every person is individual and learns and grows at different rates. Some people prefer to take their time, experience every bit of that particular stage. Whereas others wish get to the next stage as quickly as possible.

The second reason is by not putting in any particular constraints is so a person using the program is naturally pushed towards getting in-tune with what is best for them. Learning to make our own decisions empowers us and awakens our confidence to be who we really are.  It is impossible to make a wrong choice in this program, it is all created to be for your absolute highest good at all times.

The energies used in this program are more like calling in a power of particular ray of light then a Reiki healing system. The power of the energy is naturally integrated into your being over a period of time in line with what is most suited for you personally. This integration process cause for you to become in tune (to be in tune with a particular energy means to be attuned to it. It is like a radio been tuned into a particular station) with this energy. The energy then is able to flow freely in your life and give you its benefits. So for example: the Advanced level ‘Connect to the Great Bear Conciliation and the Supper Light Portal Attunement’  is a very powerful energy that only a person who is used to handling high levels of energy over a long period of time would call in. We all currently are experiencing this energy on one level or another because it is currently flooding earth with it;s frequency (It is a supper ascension portal). By using the attunement to tune into this energy we can have a more focused connection with it and utilise its power more. Like with Reiki, it is a natural flow of healing energy, but by attuning to it in that particular format we can utilise it’s power more effectively in healing someone or something particular.

The energies in this program only connect you to the absolute pure love and light, this is because of the nature of these chosen energies, because of the way the attunement is created and because of the words you use when calling in the attunement (see the instruction manual for more details).


The Reconstruction of Spiritual Wholeness Program is absolutely free of charge.

The aim is to help as many individuals as possible so that we can grow as a society and more ever closed to the ‘New Earth’ vision.

The program is available or see the attached manual below

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Replies to This Discussion

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Love and Light


Love and light, may God bring many blessings into you life!

Please contact me if you have any questions or need clarification.

Thank you!

Thank you so much. This will be very helpful for me.

My absolute pleasure!!! May you shine your light to all in love and joy!

thank you so much for sharing this to us! it is such a beautiful blessings to have for this coming holidays! much love and light to all............ and all that you do 

Thanks a lot for sharing these attunements!

Hi. This must be a beautiful Program, but unforforunately the manual file doesn't open. Is it possible to
have it anyhow in PDF format? Thank you very much!



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