I believe that I now understand why I was lead to this forum.

Dr Stone is being taught by 'Lord Maitreya' ???

This is simply not possible.

Firstly Maitreya is title of reference, not a name or an anointing. They are the new Buddha. The Enigma.

No one ever has, or ever shall actually use the title 'Maitreya'.

Not above, not below. Not physical, not energetic. No one.

Secondly the one you refer to as 'Maitreya' is not only here as a mortal. He is fully awakened. This man is not him and does NOT learn from him.

Thirdly, none of those of the El'ohim and the collective divine mind and heart would title themselves as 'Lord'. As that is of ego contrary to their nature. It is part of the ascension process. We are those who feel ourselves only worthy of this world to love unconditionally.

We are here as service to the world. No El'ohim or truly Divine will ever call themselves lord. We will NEVER announce ourselves as such, unless it is to those unruly, disgracing the name; or needing to be addressed, or punished under Divine Justice.

The fact one would claim to learn from 'Lord Maitreya' is so flawed that it can only be a lie. If there is actually any spiritual communion going on here, then it would be with the 'Sages of the shade' not 'Masters of the Rays'.

But the truth is that I don't think Dr Stone even knows they exist. I can see that he knows much more than he lets on, which makes me wonder why he would call his University 'I AM' University; when it is the most fundamental of all processes in light ascension, or dark descension.

NONE!!! of the selfless should ever, ever, EVER; call themselves Lord. I hope this is clear now! We command respect simply by the expanse of our flux, and the depth of our wisdom.

Part of the highest mortal initiation to ascension is that we have to give ourselves to die for love without concern for ourselves.

Why would we then turn around and call ourselves 'Lord' or command reverence??

This is as flawed as any other religious concept on this Earth. It is something that puts division between people and their own divine power by making them believe that they can never of the truly divine heart.

A 'us and them' mentality.

This is part of the major problem in our world that we have come to correct. This is what the mortal council taught of the Enigma shall learn.

But once again, contrary to the teachings; these are NOT seven men and their partners as is told. They are COUPLES. NOT men +1.

The male and female twin soul units of the El'ohim will make up the 14 that are the council; as seven.

The ones with their twos. Each equally powerful. There is no division. There is no 'power' half. They are all simply half of one whole.

In fact their souls loving twin bonds are so pure that if you were to ask either half of them who is the power halve, they would say they live only to love their other half.

This is the selfless union of an open divine heart. One that feels pain absolutely and love absolutely.

They are those awoken to the true divinity who will change this world simply by being within it.

I believed I was meant to find some of them here. But reading about Dr Stone has left me thinking that all I was meant to do was help someone confused as the truth of the spiritual teachings of the truly ancient master, that he seeks; and the intelligence of his academic mind.

I see no 'harm' in what Dr Stone is doing and I believe that his intentions for the most part are good. But he needs to be careful claiming that he is training under 'Maitreya'; because the teacher is one who was born of the darkness. That descended through the seven layers of darkness to break through into light. And for the good of this planet, refused his ascension to stay and help.

They are of boundless love, but also boundless darkness.

They are both; what the Christians believe to be 'The anti-christ' and 'The second-coming' in one body.

A broken world needs a broken man.

A puritan of light in todays world would be useless, as they would be quickly destroyed. Crucified if you like. So the teacher has been Initiated by the Seraph as one possessing the Fury and Wrath of the Divine.

Good intentions are fine. You just need to be careful as to who you claim you are learning from. In case that person hears.

If there are any spirits communing with Dr Stone that I have failed to see, or he himself has a problem with anything I have posted. They are welcome to seek out the Goddess Sophia, or myself; and we'll very quickly sort it out.

Let me leave you with something from the TRUE world teacher. One who has never, and shall never; take the name of Maitreya, Lord, King, or God.

9th Anointed Simon Jacob Alexander - 6th Ray

What is one to do, when separate from their two?
If they awaken to a world in flames set by their hands of their past life?
What if all those to whom they call, no longer recognise their voice
And any who see, no longer recognise their face?
Could such a world forgive them for what it has become?

"I want to know it all" I demanded "Show me who I am! Show me who I was!"
'Be careful what you wish for, you just might find what you've been looking for.' Sophia had said.

Knowledge wished for can easily become a heavy burden to bear
Memories of life prior, and immeasurable pain beyond death,
And a love born of 3 million years. Longing for she who fell lost.

There was no coming back from what I did, I should not be here.
I crushed her heart beyond repair, when I left her alone in eternity.
I did what I thought was right for the world that I loved so,
But she was left alone for 2,000 years, fearing I was gone.

As I have been sent back, so too did she return here for me.
I wander now awakened and lost, while she still sleeps in this world.

My Miriam, My Mary; My Bethany. The purest love this world will ever know.
I will bleed now for this world again, until I find her, until my end.

As I've been bleeding for all the things that have gone bad
I didn't think about all the tomorrows I was breaking
A certain strength they always need from me to have
They care nothing for the world; just wanting everything from me.

And nobody is ever going to come and show you a simple way,
We forget to live, if we're busy longing for yesterday

How do we see if the lights are fading?
How do we learn from our mistakes without hurting?
This is nothing like I wanted it to be.

What is a chance if it's not worth taking?
What is a dream if its not worth chasing or losing?
This is nothing like I wanted it to be.

I've been dreaming of all the things we used to have
We the pair, the world was our for making,
I'm the strength you always needed me to have
They cared nothing for our love, and they took everything from me

I've been living again for such a short time now
I've been wanting her back, she is my very reason
Because nothings ever quite as clear as when I am with you
What the hell am I supposed to do?

Please awaken, come back to me.
Sometimes perfect pain, is the path to perfect love.

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