Activation of your sword (Archangel Michael) Visualize yourself holding the flaming sword of Lord Michael in your right hand and say "In the Name of God" , I take in hand the Sword Of Truth and Power of Lord Michael, and I ask to use it in Gods Holy Name. "I am ~ against all Negativity."

Imagine yourself growing in height to double or triple your present size . Now draw a Magic Circle upon the ground all around you with the point of The Sword ~ See a line of flame following the point Of the Sword surrounding you in a Circle of Pure Golden White Light.

Upon completion , clasp your hands in Prayer and Raise them above your head while facing the East.

Pray saying

May The Mighty Archangel Raphael protect me
From all negativity ,now and always !

Turning to the South, pray saying

May The Mighty Archangel Michael protect me from all Negativity
now and always !

Turning to the West, pray saying

May the Mighty Archangel Gabriel protect me from all Negativity
now and always !

Turning to the North, pray saying

May the Mighty Archangel Uriel protect me from all Negativity

now and always !

Hold your hands in prayer turning slowly in a Circle,

Pray Saying

 I accept the Lord God as my guardian and Protector , and I place His Loving Mercy all around me now and always !

Breathe the Light of God and the Love of God

Touching your Forehead Say TO THEE O GOD

Touching your Solar Plexus Say- BE THE KINGDOM

Touching your Right Shoulder Say “ AND THE POWER

Touching your Left Shoulder Say AND THE GLORY

Clasping your hands in Pray,

Now Say

By the Power of the Divine Christ of God Within me, I surround myself now in a Divine Circle Of His Protection, across which no mortal error dares To set a foot ever !
I am his Love Protecting Here ~ I am his Love Protecting Here~

 I am his Love Protecting Here ~

I invoke the Light of the Christ

I am a clear and perfect channel

Light and Love is my Guide

I can do all things with the Christ within ,who strengthens My total being with a force field of Love Light and Power---

And so it is......

This above Activation is taken from Dr Joshua David Stone,Ph.D
Amazing book SOUL PSYCHOLOGY by Light Technology Publishing

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In my purification process,before treatment,l use a special knife,l think that l can activate this knife-like the sword of Archangel Michaael.

Amba,thank you!

Thank you AMBA ! Very powerful prayers

you are welcome....


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