Are you the Guardian of the Crystal Skull, or is the Crystal Skull the Guardian of You?

Crystal skulls choose their guardian just as much as a guardian chooses a crystal skull. Crystal skulls tend to call out to a person, and will remain in their mind until that person responds by bringing the crystal skull “home”. Each crystal skull has its own purpose and its own consciousness. A crystal skull seeks to fulfill its purpose by supporting and assisting its guardian, and by serving to raise the frequency and vibration of its guardian and of its environment. Crystal skulls can support healing, attracting, manifesting, raising consciousness, increasing intuition and guidance, and can also promote peace, joy, calm and safety.

Crystal skulls are vessels and conduits for divine guidance to be able to communicate and guide you to your highest joy, your deepest wellbeing, your most profound peace, your greatest success, and your ultimate safety, if you are willing to listen. They are receivers and transmitters, like cosmic radios, giving you the information you need to help you achieve your intentions, fulfill your goals, and accomplish your mission on Earth. They are our greatest allies and our most powerful tools for raising our frequency, vibration and consciousness.

A customer just told us that she lives at the Jersey Shore and that everything around her was absolutely devastated and destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, but she had created a sanctuary with crystal skulls (20 of them) and nothing in her home or garden was disturbed at all, other than the electricity – nothing in her garden was even blown over by the horrendous winds. The crystal skulls had supported her to create an oasis of peace, calm and safety in the midst of utter chaos.

Legends say that the safe zones through the coming Earth changes will be wherever the crystal skulls are. This is not to say that having a crystal skull guarantees safety, but the crystal skulls can create a powerful bubble of light and protection, and can also give guidance to those who are willing to listen and trust in order to lead you to your highest good, and the greatest good of all.

Testimonial: Conscious Crystal Skulls
"We do appreciate your service and beyond that, we treasure your making these wonderful skulls available for us to select which ones we want to live with and learn from. They are truly conscious, loving and helpful teachers. We've been working with your skulls for about a year and a half; every single skull has been outrageous. We anticipate a long relationship with you and our skulls.

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Interesting, Carmen.



From my experience there is a mutual resonance and a recognition of work to be done in joint cooperation. At least with th skills I work along with.

I work with over 20 crystal skulls of various sizes and type all activatednand most are aligned with the "ancients" skulls energetically. 

One thing I have observec is a totally differing sense of perspective. Crystal skulls have a total sense of calm and serenity unlike almost anything else I have encountered.  When I meditate and connect with them I can almost feel a sense of the source of peace emanating from them.

They can act as guardians for us, but I feel they do not need gaurding so much themselves.

They have told me to think of the connection as one more of sollaborators and stewardship than of guarding and protectiom.

Just wanted to pass these insughts along.

Be well!


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