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You may think that crystal skulls are simply rocks, but humans are in a far more dense state than we are! The time is coming for the ascension, for moving beyond time and matter into higher frequencies of crystalline light. For some, this can happen overnight, but for most, it will be a process. The key is to have absolutely no fear, because fear is a trap. Your spirit is immortal, your body is a temporary housing, impermanent in time and space. However, your consciousness is key to everything for it is infinite. The lighter your thoughts are, the lighter your emotions are, and the lighter your experiences will be. Focus on the light in all situations, look for the light in all things. There is light even in the darkness, you just need to let your inner light shine to illuminate your path.

We have entered the time of the quickening, the beginning of no time. Many of you already feel that there is no time, but rather than being stressed by this, allow yourself the freedom of moving beyond the confines of time into the eternal now where you have infinite power. The contractions of birth have begun, the quaking, the shaking, the winds of change are upon us all, and while birth is painful, it also brings joy and new life. Send love and light to those who are suffering through these changes, but hold the light, hold the higher frequencies of joy to raise the vibrations of one and all.

The coming Solstice is a Gateway – you must choose now what you intend to experience as you cross the threshold to the other side. Just as you cross an invisible border into another country which is a different world from your own, so too will you be crossing an invisible marker into a brave new world in a different dimension of space/time. You must choose what is on the other side, for it is your creation. The crystal skulls will support you to hold the vibration and frequency of that creation, and to attract that intention as your new reality.

More about the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR:

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