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Lemurian energy concepts were based on the understanding that there is nothing and all things at once, that we are creatures that are the universe and the smallest form at the very same instant. Some terms, such as fields, grids, sections, signatures and discomfort do not adequately describe the workings of energy.
Energy is the term used here to describe ALL that is, ONE, GOD, SOURCE.
1. Energy is all things, all thought, all existence in any form.
2. Energy is time free.
3. Energy is vibration and all forms of energy have a vibrational signature.
4. By altering the vibrational signature of energy its very nature can be shifted.
5. When vibrational signatures are altered there is a waveform shift in the grids that send the shift throughout the entire grid.
6. Energy is unlimited and immeasurable in its pure state.
7. Because energy is unlimited and immeasurable, then the vibrational signatures that can be created are also immeasurable and unlimited.
8.Vibrational signatures can be altered by individuals or by groups, consciously and unconsciously.
9. The focusing of energy and vibration is an act of collecting more energy into a smaller area of the grid. As the energy is moved it creates a stronger wave pattern in the grid
10. While there is not "right or wrong" use of energy, in three-dimensional space it can create discordant and uncomfortable responses from those in density. Therefore, while in 3 dimensional existence some rules must be adhered to in order to create the least amount of discomfort.
11. What is created is always reflected back even if it is also absorbed, so in density intent can create great pleasure or great discomfort.
12. What is created can be altered vibrationally to be "un-created"
13. All creations and un-creations are subject to the vibrational signatures exerted by other energy. In other words, if a group creates a specific energy signature, then an individual may not un-create that signature for anyone other than itself.
14. Understanding and control of thought forms is important for energy beings existing in vibrational energy fields. More focused and intense thought forms override less focused and less intense thought forms. This is why emotions can be helpful in creating in the 3rd dimensional plane. They can also be used to create our own discomforts
15. Certain vibrational signatures are more common to certain parts of the overall energetic grid. This is where we see vibrational level differences on planes of existence.
16. Vibrational grids can overlap and vibrational signatures can be experienced in more than one grid or grid section.
17. Sets of energy vibration signatures within grids and grid sections often occur in patterns with mild differences from one pattern to the next. 18. These similar pattern sets may be repeated simultaneously, or not, in other areas of the overall grid.
19. Energy beings are actually energy vibration signatures that have the capacity to self alter.
20. Because energy signatures of energy beings can be created in any place and in any form within the grid systems, then signatures of all kinds can exist in unlimited parts of the grids simultaneously, or not.
21. Energy grids are an energy vibration and as such only exist by energetic association.

© 2002 Carol Holaday-Reimer

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