Plz Tell Us What's J Seals? How To Clear Them ? What Is There Impact In Our Body Or Spiritual Growth?

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The J-seals (Jehovian Annunaki Seals) are unnatural implants in the multidimensional anatomy of humans that prevent the DNA from activating properly. They are located on axiatonal line 7 of the Earth and the human energetic anatomy. The significance of the J-seals is that we inherit these from the Earth's grids. They are unnatural as is the death that they cause. Biological transmutation (ascension) is built into the original Angelic Human DNA template and the J-seals and specifically the Zeta seal prevents this. Everyone on the planet has the J-seals 


Thank You AMBA, For The Reply. I Read The Article In The Website Which You Wrote. In That Article It Was Written That The J Seal Is Remove By DISTANCE HEALING. Is There Any Other Way To Remove Them By Doing Self Healing ?

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Lot's Of Love, Light And Blessings

Removing must be done by trained practicioner.....

If we remove Alien Implants which Dr. Stone wrote In his book , will it remove J Seals ?

yes, but itmust be done by trained practicioner......its two hours process and you cant do it by yourself.....


John Manders share a video on YouTube regarding J Seals Removed. I talked to him and he said that by watching the video on YouTube you will removed the J Seals from your body. While I was watched the video I feel tremendous heat in my body. So remove your J Seals watching the following link on YouTube.

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Lot's Of Love, Light And Blessings


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