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Ascending with Your Mother Planet, Listening to Her from Your Heart Center, Making the Journey to Higher Dimensional Existence with Earth ~ via Rev Janisel ~ In Chinese and English
Posted: 21 Jun 2013 07:42 PM PDT

观音:我们连接到地---递增随着你的地球母亲,听她从你的心脏中心,到一个更高维的存在与地球之旅 - 在中文和英文

We communicate with our galactic global family in Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English! Can you spare a mere 15 minutes per day to send out intentions to light up the grids for the ASCENSION of MOTHER EARTH GAIA, and all of her inhabitants? If so, we would love to have you be a member of our PROJECT: EAGLE TRIAD family. Write to us at janisel(@)


我们与我们的银河系全球家庭在中国,荷兰语,法语,葡萄牙语,西班牙语,英语沟通!你能抽出短短15分钟,每天送出去的意图,照亮了地球母亲盖亚的提升,电网和她的所有居民?如果是这样,我们希望,你是我们的项目:EAGLE TRIAD家庭的成员。写信给我们在janisel(@)

By Quan Yin (Kwan Yin, Ascended Enlightened Master)
channeled through Rev Janisel of Sananda's Eagles / Project: Eagle Triad

What I would like to do is explain to many of you exactly ‘what’ your connection is with Mother Earth… for she is, indeed, your ‘Mother’. When many of you were seeded to this planet you came in what might be called a ‘pod’… a cocoon of sorts. You were gently and lovingly placed into your womb, which at the time was the caressing waters of your Mother, to be gently nourished and protected until your time of birth came. A long time, as mankind would judge it, passed before some of you were birthed, and during this period of incubation, your Mother protected you, nourished you, and grew to love you as an earthly woman does the fetus within her. You, in essence, became her child.
After your birthing into a Being upon this planet, your Mother continued to care for you. She provided food for you to eat, fresh water for your thirst, hides for your clothing, trees to provide shade in the warmth of your summers, cool breezes to fan you from your sun’s heat, and shelter from the cold during your winter. She cared and provided for you as any Mother would. But, as you grew older, like a teenager of today, you grew apart from your Mother, leaving the nest, so to speak, and going your own way. You [humanity] got so caught up in your earthly experiences that you forgot your connection with her, the care she had always provided for you, and the wisdom and teachings she freely gave to you. You [humanity] took for granted the freshness and purity of the water which she provided for you, the sweet smelling air that she surrounded herself with for your breathing, the beauty of the body on which she granted you a place to live. You [humanity] became wasteful with her provisions for you, you poisoned her waters and her air through your carelessness. But, as is her forgiving nature, she continued to love and sustain you… even being to the point of what you term ‘enabling’ at times. All of this she has done out of compassion and love for her ‘children’. All of this she has done out of her love for her Creator.

Your Mother has now grown quite weary. She is like the earthly mother who, having raised her children the best she knew how, looks forward to her own rest and the day she can turn attention upon herself and try to regain the peace and serenity she had before taking on the role of motherhood. That day, my friends, has come. Your Mother is now ready to reconstruct her own life, to move forward in her own growth, and to show her children a better way. To accomplish this, she must be reborn [ give birth to herself in the higher dimensions], and she invites you to participate in this rebirthing process for not only herself but in a rebirthing for you as well. As most earthly mothers can tell you, they will continue to share with their children a ‘better way’ if the children will only open their hearts to hear.

As your Mother prepares to step into her new role as the Gem of this Universe, she desperately wants to share this journey with her children and teach them that better way. In order to do this, however, there are some changes which need to be made. In preparation for this most marvelous journey, she must first ‘clean herself up’ a bit. The waters and air you have carelessly polluted must be cleansed and refreshed. The negativity which you have thrown off, and which she took unto herself, must be transmuted. In essence, she is preparing a better ‘home’ for you and inviting you to once again connect with her and her love for you. For she IS your Mother, and as any good mother, she wants only the best for her children. She has grown a bit, what you would call ‘dowdy’, due to your own creations, and she now asks your help in restoring herself to her former condition. Is this too much for a Mother to ask? Is this too much to expect of the children she has loved, nurtured, and provided for, through constant reincarnations, for eons of time?

She has attempted to cleanse herself of the damage you had done to her several times before, but each time humanity reverted to its careless ways. This time, however, she wishes for you to accompany her and aid her in this cleansing. You are mirrors of each other and are now learning many things from each other… as does happen as the children get older and wiser. All she asks of you is that you now put aside your careless ways and consider her… consider the love she has for you, consider the connection that is between you, consider the way in which she has always cared for and protected you… and consider going ‘Home’ with her.

To *Go Home With Mother Earth,* you must go within your Heart Center and feel that connection with her. Find your compassion for her. Send her your gratitude and your love. Send her your prayers. Send her your encouragement. For all of these things will make this journey which she invites you on so much more graceful and joyous for not only her but for you, her children. As any earthly child would feel want to do for their elderly mother who is in poor health, it is now time for you who are the Light of the World, to come to the aid of your Mother.

Your Mother Earth bids you welcome to this journey, that together you may traverse the expanse of your pathway Home. Together you shall journey into your Tomorrow on Wings of Love. And so it shall be.

I am Quan Yin, thanking you for this opportunity to speak on behalf of your Mother. Namaste.




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