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Méline Lafont: A personal message to Me (Meline)from the Ascended Masters from the Far East ~ Step 1of self-knowledge in the Transformation

(This channeling is actually a personal message to me. These Masters are known by the book of “Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding, a wonderful book I was told that, unfortunatly, I have not read yet. They came in early November to give me guidance in my Transformation and Transmutation process that is still running. Since this guidance includes important tips in it, I decided to share my message with you all. Keep in mind that this is a personal message to me, and this can vary from person, and therefore there is a chance that this does not resonate with your person and heart. The entire channel consists of 20 written pages and is composed of parts from the entire channeling and includes steps. This is the first part of the entire message, the second part will follow later in the coming days. Much love, Meline ♥)

We all greet you as a collective consciousness of the Ascended Masters of the Far East. We have reached a collective consciousness in our enlightenment which we gladly share with all of you. Our energy consists of Ascended Masters based in Buddhism, in Hinduism, in Islam, in Western communities and in various emissaries of the Light. We do not put an emphasis on the differences of origins as we are and form 1 unit and 1 compact energy of Ascended energy. We address all of you on a collective level in order to clarify some issues for you which might have left the wrong impression on your consciousness and on your beloved Self.

Allow us to accompany you in your current living environment to grant you more enlightenment on a few difficult and unclear issues on a personal level. What’s in store for you and what you already have accomplished in your incarnation is of the utmost importance and value for us as well as for yourself and for the Earth. Much has been said, you have learned a great deal and up until now you were able to integrate and accept it in your being, something that in itself is a most fantastic experience and dito fact! To be able to behold this marvel is a true blessing and we so give you our highest appreciation for this, for we are so grateful for your enormous evolution in releasing and in saying goodbye to this world of duality in which you dwell.

You have already taken many steps but releasing everything surrounding you is a rather difficult step, which we once had to take. Our input in this for you is to share what we have learned in this regards and to guide you in this last but most difficult part of the step of releasing and rescinding. The next state and step which you have reached now is the one of the total rescinding of your physical form into your true appearance and being. Do you really understand this concept fully? If not, we are most eager to help you get full insights into this matter.

The state of rescinding and of releasing of your self-image and your physical appearance as it is familiar to you is a process which you are now manifesting. It is a matter of releasing your full Self in such a way that the rescinding of the material side can settle into a lighter form, which is a more flexible and pliant form, consisting of Light. You are required to perform your own bodily Transformation and that’s the reason why it is all up to you. When one reaches a state of splendor there is a certain substance produced in the brain, which is directed from the heart center of the physical body and from your true Being and your true Self. That’s why your own heart is the portal to Ascension and to Transformation. The dispersation and the formation of that substance is the so-called Kundalini, which sustains and disperses it all in the physical body.

When the dispersation has been fully accomplished and the most important cell-groups and organs have duly been reached, a Transformation will burst forth which will lead the whole physical body to the complete Transformation of yourself into a source of energy and of Light. A Lightbody is in a way a source of Light and of energy and is, in itself, an intermediate step for humanity evolving towards their real Self at a later space-time. We, the Ascended Masters of the Far East, have already gone through this whole process a long time ago and we possess the necessary control, composure and self-love; that we have consciously started and directed this process, which you are now undergoing. It is a most beautiful and exceptional experience which we, as Masters, love to share with you on your world, which in itself is on the brink of a great shift. Release the control that the illusion holds on you, thank it for services rendered and take firm control over your true Self.

Direct yourself out of this illusory world and build your true Self, being Light and energy. You have almost gone through this process; you only have to remove a few obstacles in this regards which in themselves hinder the complete releasing of yourself. See to it that your heart is again completely balanced.We know what sorrow can be and what it can lead to, it is a powerful venom for the heart and for your being.

When your heart, your Ascension portal, is out of balance, it can lead to the fact that there can be no transmutations into a state and being Love. The more lighter form of a body cannot express itself fully when balance is lacking. Balance : keeping a tight control over really everything. What has once sparkled ever so brightly can diminish in radiance, just like your heart feelings……
…… It exists for the most part of this Harmonious Love between the two of you (me and my Twin Flame), but there are also periods of feeling down resulting from the emotions of disappointment, of missing the loved one …. Return your heart back to that harmony with yourself and release all your expectations and visions in relation to that.

Your reunion with your beloved Self will come to pass on a spontaneous and forthcoming way. We have been called to assist you in this. We are most pleased to share our enlightenment in the matter. We tell you that we will share now our techniques with you, which you are free to share with others and for you to use as you see fit.These are not secrets per se but rather abilities and teachings from us to you.

1st. – Live from day to day and from timeframe to timeframe. Do not let any planning determine your future life as this will only hold you back in releasing and detaching from…. All the more reason why we, the Masters, have withdrawn ourselves in solitude in former times to be fully liberated of the daily routines and limitations. Allow yourself the opportunity to free yourself from certain issues and certain daily tasks. Disengage from them, there are no expectations placed upon you ; it is you that places expectations on yourself. This advice brings us to the next point which deals with ….

2nd – putting expectations on …. Let go of everything that you want to do today or that someone else expects you to do today. Even this belongs to holding yourself in a specific thoughtform of expectation and of illusion.
3rd – Really release everything in a way that not a single thought appears in your mind so that you can end up in your state of true Being. From an empty mind one can create and shift enormously. One is detached from all control and from all thoughtforms. It leads you to a state of Being, which is a creation in itself .
4th – Take everything as it comes up and trust that whatever shows up will be just what you need on your path on the exact and perfect Divine Time. Start off from this opportunity and build from there on, all the while simultaneously truly releasing everything and holding no expectations any longer.

5th – Put yourself regularly in a golden dome of Light, filled with the Divine white-blue radiation. To achieve enlightenment does not solely imply that you create this state of transformation but also that you place yourself effectively in the Light and that you surround yourself with the Light. Your heart is light and is a Divine Self.

6th – Be open for the opinions of others. Do not enforce your opinion for your opinion is YOUR truth and only yours. Each one of you has his/her own truth which corresponds with their own BEING. Respect each other in these matters, that’s important.

7th – Let go of the past. There’s no such thing as time-based facets. The past makes a distinction in energy just like the present and the future do. It all boils down to developping and expanding your I AM as your true Self.

8th – Release everything that has to do with yourself. Your self-image, your thoughts about yourself, your physical self, your non-physical self, just let it all go and place no thoughts on or about yourself.

We have to stress that fact: release everything about yourself!

9th – The knowing. This is very important. You have to know who you are, not thinking, not positioning yourself but feeling and knowing. You require no energy from outside sources to obtain this knowing and this awareness of who you are, what kind of energy you are, your true Being. Always remain in a state of KNOWING. You are that state of being. Just BE, not from an ego standpoint but from the heart.

10th – Being balanced. Just like we have mentioned before, this should pose no problem for your being. You cannot move forward when the factor of balance is lacking. Balance itself plays an important role in the possibility of Ascension and of transposition. Meditation, in a thorough way, on a daily basis will take care of the balance in the Being. The deepening in insights, the inner exploration, the getting to know or better said, the recognition of your being, travelling to the higher dimensions, the discovering of the various worlds …. all contribute to the deepening , to the knowing and to BEING. The balancing of your chakras should become a daily ritual which is necessary to becoming One with your Higher and true Self. Blockages need to be transmuted into Light and Love. The road is cleared and kept free on the tracks between these sources of Divine Light and Divine Being, reflecting all your Light and your true Self. Chakras are a source of information as well as a source of Light and of your true self. Communication between these chakras must remain pure in order to be able to reach an enlightened state of Being. Blockages are a source of holding onto … Release those blockages by means of thorough daily meditations, thorough grounding of yourself and through an input of Light in the light cells of the chakras. To be balanced also comes down to knowing, to trusting and to Being, the releasing of things which have a grip on you in the material world and in your thinking : the Illusion.

11th – Ultimately all of this finds itself on 1 and the same circle. One influences the other and they are all interconnected.

Afore-mentioned steps form the first step to Self-knowledge, which in itself is necessary for the 2nd step in the realm of the sanctuary of the Transformation.

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