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Love’s Becoming… Adama, Lady Nada & The Masters of Love ~ Ray Dawn

Hello to each of you. It is I, Adama, here to be with you in a breath of peace and love and fulfillment of your heart’s desires, your heart’s wishes.

Coming to each of you we are here to be of service to Love’s Becoming… to the heart opening time upon this dear earth. We, and I mean, I and the Masters of light and peace and harmony are all here to witness and to be a part of this love’s becoming and emergence in each of your dear hearts!

Each of your dear hearts wants to be in a loving way with this world, with all beings, to be in this loving way we arise together to be in unison. We allow in our own heart loves’ becoming.

To allow is the most important thing to do at this time, at this time of the Solstice.

In this time all is emerging, coming to fruition. It is a most sacred time to allow all the blossoming all around you. It is seen in nature and in people. What is this blossoming? It is also in your very heart!

To allow is the most important “doing” as it creates a way to flow with the grace of all that is. To be in an allowing state one must allow all things. Allow all possibilities and be open to the blossoming that is happening all around and within you as well.

Dear ones All is happening within each of you…

This time is most fruitful to allow loves’ becoming through you; through each of your hearts you feel and know this to be true.

What are your heart’s wishes? They are simple: allowing, flowing, opening, expanding, growing, becoming and being full of love! To be full of love and to allow it to fill you fully, then let it cascade out to others and to all life!

Now is a most sacred time of loves’ becoming as all is becoming through you, through your heart! As you allow this flow of love or energy to be with you, allow it to fill you fully first. Yes, this is in order. So much time is spent on your dear planet by putting everyone else’s needs before your own. We understand that there are many ideas about this issue…

We would say that now is the time to allow loves’ becoming through you. Through all parts of you allow healing, love, opening and discovery of this expression and experiences through your own being…

What makes your heart sing? What makes you feel love? Do you allow it?

Do you sometimes, instead, put the focus on another’s needs first?

We would say at this time, and all time forward, to create and to allow this love. It is of best use by allowing your own heart to be full.

To share and experience within you all that is love, one harmonizes one’s own frequency… To know thyself… Be easy as you come unto this time and truly allow yourself well being. Allow yourself, give yourself permission to be free, to be easy, to allow love and to then share as your well is full.

Dear ones we are so pleased as this occurrence of love is harmonizing each of you to love’s rhythm. It is softer and it is allowing more time to be- to enjoy this life you are in.

We say, “Enjoy you, your life and your own harmony within.” As you do, you are of great service to all that is. To allow this love and harmony within you is loves’ becoming through your very being!

Each of us comes together by this process and new harmonies are born here upon the Earth. We are all in this together to ignite love within this sphere and our mother, the earth, is so full of joy as she watches each of you become. You are all like the flowers: growing, opening and emerging into the light…

The Masters and I are one and each of us is in so much enjoyment being who we are. We ask you to find the opening within yourself to enjoy you. Enjoy your being and your heart’s wishes and dreams. As you do we can all join again in one family of Love. So be it!

Thank you dear ones for our time together… It is Lady Nada and I too am here to be of service to this love’s becoming through and within each of your most radiant hearts!

As we come together in harmony, in harmonization of our talents and gifts and exuberance, we sing forth. We shine forth upon this sphere of light, the harmony of life force. Life force is ever giving…

This energy that is life force is truly love!

It is aligning and merging with you all the time. It is what is behind all matter. Life is love and as you honor that, as you honor your life, you can allow in the love!

Be true to your own frequency that is unfolding love in greater measures at this time through all levels of your embodiment. Be aware of how much you are living in your daily moment; “Am I allowing this love or am I afraid, pushing it away?”

Know that truly you cannot push it away as it is what is enlivening your embodiment. But you can allow more. You can awaken to the knowledge that you are this love. It is you and you are one with it!

All else is illusion. Yet in that too is understanding, is growth and is ever expanding joy of loves’ becoming through you, through each of you!

Your greatest service is to this now, to love’s becoming through all levels of your being and to acknowledge that. You are this love! To allow your own growth and understandings, to allow your heart’s wishes and to allow all…

Be easy upon yourself as you learn to love you! We love each of you full heartedly!

We awaken with you in your hearts when you allow this love within. We share and know with you the beauty of all that is.

Join in this occurrence more frequently and we shall sing with you in joy! Awaken to this note. Be in an allowing state of joy as you emerge into the light. Be like the flower and enjoy the journey…

To loves’ becoming and emerging through your most sacred hearts!

We love you eternally,

Lady Nada, Adama and the Masters of Love…

Ray Dawn

Copyright Ray Dawn 2013
Feel free to re-post as long as includes channels name and website and no content is changed. Love and Blessings :)

Posted by Greg Giles

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