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How to figure out what kind of starseed you are.

Published on 21 Jun 2012

Gigi gives a few tips to discover your star lineage.

1) Get clear. Raise your vibes. Higher dimensional information will be easier to interpret.

2) hold a star system or planet in your heart when you meditate. set your intention to detect and life or civilization. Trust what you recieve, and let it build. Be patient.

3) Ask your guides to come forward in your dream time. Get serious about it, expect results. KNow that whomever you connect with is related to your own star lineage.

4) Read peoples channeled information to get a sense for specific tones and patterns eventually you will begin to grasp the core frequencies of a race and detect them within yourself and even others.

Once you become aware of a pattern you can see it and work with it, expand on ii, deepen it.

Not all star beings will be active partcipants. Many just observe and therefore will not be as active as other races. you can download information about them but it will not be as relevent as certain races with karmic resonance to the planet.

You are Awesome.


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