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Crys Crystaqueous – The Message Of The Inner Christ – 23 January 2013
Posted on January 23, 2013 by lucas2012infos

The Message of the Inner Christ
“Come unto Me and I will give you rest.”

The hidden meaning:
“Come unto Me that the unreal of you may be laid to rest.”

Much is the talk about how we, as humans, came into the so-called three dimensional plain to experience all that is here. This on some level may be so. However, who among us can raise their hand and enthusiastically say: “I really like what I experience here?” Are there any, who, in truth, can say that they enjoy: pain, suffering, heartache, deception, manipulation, exploitation, lack, need, want, insecurity, discomfort, war, hate, disease, aging and death? What is out of kilter with this picture? Is it really conceivable—even with the wildest imaginings—that Living Beings would choose to leave a Bliss World to come and experience/participate in a delusionary paradigm such as this? Has integrity of soul made some massive insane trade-off? True, a miniscule percentage of “pleasant” moments may, for some, be strewn about between the myriad seeming atrocities along life’s path.

From whence ariseth such atrocious array,
No human experiencer can fathom to say.
Separation consciousness assuming the blame,
precipitates the Oneness that All do remain.

Naturally, many other questions do arise, such as: Is it “wrong” to dislike the above grim scenario which is commonplace to so-called human experience, or is it emphatically “right?” Is it not wisdom that says: “Woe unto them who are satisfied?” And of course, we’ve all been admonished to embrace sayings like: “We must not sit in judgment of any one, condition or thing.” And, “There really isn’t any “right” or “wrong.” What precisely, does all this mean? Is it other than utter non-sense?

Putting all of the above to the side for the moment, let’s consider another penetrating question: Which seems to be the more sensible course of action? Must one remain content to passively float along trying to avoid incurring guilt resulting from judgment of life’s undesirable circumstances, or does it just feel better to seek a clearer understanding of what’s really going on here? To succumb to the former is to please or attempt to pacify all the babbling voices and popular opinions ever bombarding from the “without.” Such has proven naught but a dark and fear perpetuating proposition. In the final analysis, it appears that all actors on the stage of life eventually become overwhelmingly determined to brave it and commence seeking alone from the heart-voice “within.” Strong is the trusting that such is the sole path to a true comprehension of what’s actually transpiring on the mystery stage of earth.

Truly, such seemingly forbidden path is found to be the exclusive way marked out by the so-called “Ascended Ones” who have gone before and pierced through what may be referred to as the veil of the illusion of dream. Such, they say, is the sole pathway to the “realization” or disclosure of “false self” identity, otherwise termed “enlightenment” concerning the stark unreality of dream.

In the main, is it not increasingly evident that the myriad voices from the “without”—purporting to “show the way”—constitute naught but exploitive ego babblings which seek (for some measure of personal gain) to lure and hold one and all in the unhappy slave camp of human misery and painful victim-hood? Is it any wonder why the True Master has emphatically pointed out that the departure from and the distrusting of human sense perception, is the beginning of wisdom?

It seems sensible to believe that whatever it is that so-called humans are here to experience is definable alone by the unfoldment of one’s own life journey. And such seems to be attended with the greatest sense of balance and meaning only as one remains in tune with the guidance of the Heart-Master within. It seems clear that our ability to remain poised and stable in the restfulness of the Present Now Moment, is entirely dependent upon following the lead of our very own heart. But to follow where exterior voices point the way is apparently the sure guarantee of an ever-deepening disparagement, where one can only “wait”—hoping and wishing with the most excruciating anxiety and exhausting ambition of soul, for desired “changes”, all of which are said to be available alone in a fictitious place in “time” called the “future.” But since the future is nothing more than a feeble human idea, it must, in the final analysis, prove as untrustworthy and empty of meaning as are the multitude of idle theories that point the bewildered masses thither.

It seems appropriate to here note that any voice/energy that appears to hail from the so-called “without”, which influences the masses to “go within”—to there discover that they themselves are That for which they have been seeking, is not an “outside” voice but simply another glorious functioning of the One Universal Everywhere Present Divine Consciousness that is herein referred to as the Inner Eternal Master.

Journeying the earth path seems to reveal more and more, that it matters not so much that any come to have clarity as to what’s really transpiring within the human drama. But what seems of greatest value is to journey “within”, and to there abide. Such appears to be the sole path to finding release from the world of control and fear that ceaselessly rages and ensnares from “without.” Within, one seems to find the sole haven of rest—for it is here that the Inner Christ is contacted.

Coming hither one has arrived, where lack weary souls no longer survive.

Suffering has vanished, another World resounds, where Love Light and Life Eternally Abound.

A Utopian Paradise Endlessly thriving, not possibly touched by human devising.

Reckoning now as the Master sees, impossible it is that chaos can be.

The mind that perceived and embraced the dark viewing, now laid to rest is done with all doing.

Perfection Perception alone in Place, Joy Love and Bliss must occupy All Space
Regarding the exploitive nature of exterior activity, an adept author wrote:


As would-be humans we become so involved in how we are going to “get” money; how we can be of service; how we can prove our product to be irresistible, of great importance, so people will flock to us; what we can do in order to influence people to give us their money—otherwise how are we to come by it? Yes, these are human considerations.

Again, we assume that there has to be a process through which money comes into our possession. There has to be a reason or cause. We must earn it, inherit it or dig it up somewhere. However, there is no Truth in any of this.

You would never think of doing that when it comes to Health or Completeness, would you? Suppose it is your liver, your lungs, your kidneys, or some other portion of your body that appears to be ailing; the moment you leave body out of the picture—the moment you leave the whole framework of humanity, the whole of the human sense, the dream, alone, and begin with Reality (wherein there is no human, no personal mind, no dream at all, it matters not what seemed wrong….) the whole thing completely, instantly vanishes. Truth knows no such non-sense, and Truth alone is True.

We do not begin with Truth in order to “heal” a human, his finances, body, condition, world or what.

We do not “heal” aught. We start with Truth because It Is Entirety wherein there is naught needing “healed.” This may “appear” as “healing,” but does it so “appear” to Changeless Intelligence?

The moment you begin with Reality, with All-inclusive Totality here and now, with Infinite All Intelligence, Infinite Beauty, Infinite Perfection, Being, the Self-that-I-Am, you have no other business, because there isn’t any other business. In Absolute Truth, you only find Your Self Perfect, Affluent, functioning as Total Peace, Serenity. You find that the picture “appears” to have changed.

However, so long as you judge aught via the eye, or the senses, there is still a bit of dream (personal mind, identity) hanging around!

Q. Why does one so readily revert to the dream?

A. I urge you over and over to start with the Allness of Reality, because Reality Is Who and What You Are (I-Am). To know what I Am, I must begin with what I Am—not with what I am not! One reverts to the dream only when one quits (ignores, refutes) Truth.

I am not interested in dream—in what I am not. Every lack is dream—what I am not. All of the dream is what I am not: never what Reality Is.

In the dream, every person and every thing I may appear to see, is not. In what seems to be our daily round, nothing I seem to see is the way I seem to see it.

The senses and dimension are one, the same
Whatever we see visually, objectively, is dimensional, and purportedly, dependent on time for its origin, its duration. This is why I urge you to begin only with Infinite Consciousness, leaving things, ideas, alone. Do not try to out picture them. Do not analyze them. Do not try to visualize or measure them, either in quantity or quality. Stick wholly with Awareness…. (Selected Forms on Absolute Reality, Series 1, pp60-62, by Alfred Aiken)

Whenever you do anything that’s “sensible” as a human, it is never sensible. Whatever the human “senses,” is false, corrupt, a “murderer from the beginning.” The “human” always “moves” hoping to profit, increase, better or improve his false status. (Ibid. p166)

Whether we admit it or not, the “human” does nothing save for profit! In business, in daily living whatever is motivated by a scientific or a religious point of view—everything you do or do not do—is for a reason, the securing of more good, hence for gain or profit that which will prove profitable to you.

Yes, that which motivates so-called human sense, is the promise of improvement, betterment, profit. It is the so-called instinct for gain which constantly prods the human, for his sole foundation is one of frustration, lack, hunger, un-Completeness, un-Wholeness. But if we start with Infinite Intelligence only, then we can do what seems “sensible” in our every-day affairs, for then we shall (as the One I Am Presence) not be looking for profit, not an increase of Life, Self, Good, which already is Perfect and wholly at hand!

My friends, as already stated, the words p-r-o-p-h-e-t and p-r-o-f-i-t are both of the same bolt of goods. Both promise a future fulfillment, a looking to a tomorrow whereby to gain. Whether you look to the p-r-o-p-h-e-t who tells you what to do to gain the Kingdom of Heaven in the Hereafter, or you seek p-r-o-f-i-t by listening to your stock broker, play a “hunch” at the racetrack, or bet that “time” will do you in—you expect hope, have faith that you will win. In each case you believe you will gain, improve, increase the goods in your larder!

Beginning with Omnipresence, with All, there is no place for a p-r-o-p-h-e-t or p-r-o-f-i-t. All Is Total Perfection this very instant. (Ibid. p185)

If you insist that there are prophets, guides, or ways to Eternal, Present, Uncontaminated, Unaltered Life, that there are leaders, teachers, (healers) and all the rest of that which implies or declares that Perfection has fallen, that One is no longer the Only, you are “mist” taken. (Ibid. p113)

Hypnosis is the result of speaking from the human mind with its imperfect concepts. (Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol.4, p66, by Baird T. Spalding)

Those who call themselves human beings cannot find a solution for their human problems. (Voice of Revelation, p135, by Lillian de Waters)

Identification with a mind of one’s own is the very source of all tribulation. (Greater Works, p22, by Lillian de Waters)

As a human being, one seeks and prays for the things which are already his as Spiritual Being. (Voice of Revelation, pp138,139, by Lillian de Waters)

In the final analysis, the clarity remains as ever It Is—there really is no such thing as an actual human—much less such having either a bad or good human experience. Hence, none existing who can actually “Start with Reality” in order to awaken as God. All that ever Is—Is God! Such never did or could actually go to sleep in an illusion called dream, or forget that which He/She Infinitely and Magnificently Is.

Hence, Divine Beings are only “in” the Cosmic Play in a similar manner to which Julia Roberts is “on” the movie screen when the actual Julia is simply sitting as a joyous spectator in the theatre seat. (The Script, p57, by Crystaqueous)

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