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'Blessings for the Sea' ~ Channeling Ascended Master Sarah, Daughter of Jesus & the Magdalene ~ via Rachel Goodwin

Posted: 20 Jun 2013 11:15 AM PDT

Welcome all, I am Sarah.

I would talk to you today of the sea and of how it mirrors your own physical self. You are aware that the sea has become quite contaminated, and so it is with the water element of humanity. The emotions which have been left untended, create an energetic charge, and these waves of energy (which have built up over the centuries) flow over the earth and settle in certain places. The sea has collected a great deal of this ‘leftover’ emotional debris/ waste, and the time is now & for the generations ahead, for the clean up process. One day the sea will once again have an energetic signature which is pure and sparkling, and when this occurs, humanity’s energy body will mirror that sparkling purity. What a time that will be!! Such beauty, here on the earth.

All is well, all is well, all is well.

The Divine’s perfect plan is built upon a rock, ever changing, ever growing, ever creating, ever ending.
All is well, all is well, all is well.

So do not think that there is little you can do, there is much you can do. You can start (if you aren’t already) to aquaint yourself with the environmental issues that exist at this present time. You can make small changes in your life so that you yourself, contribute less and less towards these difficulties. But also, at this time, you can contribute greatly by starting to shift the essence of the sea back to where it belongs. It is hard for the places on the earth (including the sea) to keep their consciousness present when pollution and toxicity is present. Where pollution occurs, the consciousness of that place withdraws. Places on the earth where the consciousness is very present are places that you think of as ‘sacred places’ or ‘power places’. Some of these are known, many are not.

But before the physical clean up of the sea occurs, the energetic clean up of the sea needs to be well underway. As always, change happens from the ‘outer’ or ‘higher’ realms first (which are not really outer or higher realms at all, but it suffices here to say so) and then moves down into the physical. These are the laws of working within the physical realm.

As with all things, this can be achieved most simply by ‘bringing God into it’. By this I mean, calling upon the Divine to enter into that which needs healing. Intent is everything; method can be chosen according to personal preference!!

As a human, you can take it upon yourself to do this on behalf of humanity, and each piece of work that you do will spread out exponentially. Think not that your efforts are too small to be of practical use. Each part makes up the whole, and each piece of this work that you do will lead us all closer to that sparkling purity that lies ahead. Before beginning the work, imagine the earth as her beautiful, radiant self; pristine and clean once again. Feel how wonderful is & will be, as we move towards that time now. Resolve to hold that possibility as reality in your heart, and to know that it is so, and that nothing is too great for the Divine creator – that exists within each and every one of us.

All is well, all is well, all is well.

Deny not the anger and pain that may arise in your heart for the predicament of the earth and the suffering of the creatures that live upon her and who are dying even as we ponder on how we can solve these environmental difficulties. Allow them to be there, but then call upon the Divine to light up the way to healing for us all and for the earth. Bring the divine into your heart, and allow yourself to be given hope. Simply ask for what you need, whether it is hope or reassurance or whatever it is you might need and then imagine yourself opening up to receive it, and it is so.

Use ‘all is well’ ( as a mantra, which you breathe in and out of your heart space, when you feel overwhelmed and that no solution can be found, or that the world is too harsh a place.

But overall believe in the possibility that it might be so, allow yourself to day dream of a world where all is well, how that might feel, how that might look like. Think on the things that touch you deeply in the world today, those things that sadden you, and then imagine how they would then look in a world where all is well, and pray to the Divine that these things might be so and for the highest good of all.
Blessings are upon you, each and every day of your lives,

All is well, all is well, all is well, Sarah.

You can read more about the sea and her healing and the dolphins and whales at

The sea welcomes our efforts towards her healing. The earth has a consciousness, and our bodies are of the earth. Thereby we are healing that aspect of ourselves that has caused this contamination on the earth. As without so within. And so we can heal this part of ourselves, either through our inner work or by work in the outer world. As this part of ourselves is healed, so we will find more and more solutions to the healing of the earth and her seas, from the damage that we ourselves have caused. Therefore it is not strictly the earth or the sea that need our healing, more that we are healing the aspect of humanity that has caused this damage upon the earth, and when this is healed, so can the earth be too.

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© Rachel Goodwin 2013

Rachel Goodwin is a channel & healer working with the ascended master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & Master Jesus.

Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension, and in manifesting our Higher Selves here on earth.
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