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Conversing with Archangel Haniel ~ A Grand Trine In Water ~ via Bella Capozzi
Posted: 30 Jul 2013 07:58 PM PDT

This post is an excerpt of a conversation I had with Archangel Haniel yesterday, during a light meditation. It came about when I asked her for some additional information about what I could expect from this week’s Grand Trine, as I have a Grand Trine in Water on my own astrological birth-chart. As usual, Haniel’s answers were quite gentle and, as always, very easy for to understand. She discusses the more obvious effects, such as our increased potential to manifest, better communication and how the element of water is a powerful catalyst for transformation. However, interestingly, she gives her own unique interpretation on the actual shape of the trine itself; the connection of the three points. It makes her think of Unity, whenever she observes it!

The picture I selected to accompany this post is, I feel, the perfect representation of what Haniel is saying. Take note of the three mermaids in the water, forming a perfect trine themselves. There is a baby in the middle, and it appears that all 3 mermaids are sharing in his care. Dainty white orbs flutter around them, as if to assist and protect them. To me, the baby symbolizes newness and rebirth, fresh ideas and revolutionary concepts. Which, in essence, is what this spectacular formation is all about!


(I’m picking the conversation up at the point where Haniel is sharing her personal thoughts on the formation of the Trine.)

Haniel: “I liken it to the formation of three bridges connecting the denser Human Self to the highest-dimensional Self and the Heavenly Realms, and then conjoined by the place existing in between – the unseen place where dreams become reality and manifestation occurs.”

Bella: “So how will this Trine actually affect us? I mean, does it have the potential to bring about real, obvious change in our lives? Is it a tool we can use to make things happen?”

Haniel: “Opportunities shall present themselves to you, but because you shall be working within the element of water, these messages and visions may come in more symbolically than literally. Thus they are not to be as easily recognized for what they are when viewed from the black-and-white perspective of the literal Human mind. It is necessary for you to be more watchful of the smaller things. Practice reading the signs. Hone your ability to deconstruct, examine, then reconstruct any series of synchronicities or obvious ‘anomalies’ you come across. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is exempt form deep interpretation at this time.”

Bella: “I understand what you’re saying, but what about the people who are just waking up? Or even the ones who aren’t really awake yet at all? They won’t know that what they’re seeing are signs. Or will they? It’s pretty much par for the course for all the LIghtworkers who have been working on this stuff for awhile. How will everyone else be able to take advantage of this energy?”

Haniel: “Indeed, it will be far more obvious to the ones who know to enough to look for synchronicities and symbolism, and to not write them off as merely coincidence. Coincidence? What is that, honestly? It is nothing. It is a word construed by patriarchal controllers to explain that synchronistic communication which is, by it’s very nature, Divine. ‘Coincidence’ insured that the masses would never question what is in actuality Sacred communication. And how well they succeeded, did they not?

Understanding the symbolism soon to be presented shall be far, far easier for the awakened ones and for those who are of a ‘watery’ nature. The artists, the wanderers, the esoterics and the like. Much like yourself, Child, as you carry with you this exact Trine in your natal arrangement. However, it is not to say that the analyst and the numerists and such are not to be affected – because they are. And to an amazing degree! We are set to see mass awakenings of consciousness, at a scale unlike ever before.

They, more than any others, stand to reap the most life-changing benefits form this rare event. Observe your friends and loved-ones, and be prepared to assist them and provide answers to their questions and concerns. Not a one of you has yet to be presented with energy of a type such as this, at least not in your present Human incarnation. Though there are some who may remember…” (Haniel drifts off at this point, sounding somewhat wistful.)

Bella: “How will this affect our ability to connect with our Angels and Guides? Are things going to get clearer for everyone?”

Haniel: “Meditation should begin to be less of a strain for the ones just stepping onto the path of awakening. Less of a struggle to establish an understandable and identifiable connection. They shall eventually find it simpler to decipher the information they are given, thereby resulting in greater trust and understanding both in themselves and those not embodied, who seek to guide them. Liken this energy to a gentle warrior. She carries in her hand a sword made entirely of roses, roses devoid of thorns. This energy, she is the Divine Feminine who charges into battle. She is fierce, but in the sweetest of ways. She is literally ripping down the veil.

Be well aware, this is a gift from the Creator. Yet in no way is it meant to be taken as a free ride. You are not exempt from doing your share of the work. Look to the skies and you shall see that the rain has ceased to fall, and it has left in it’s wake a glimmering Rainbow Bridge. So now I ask you, do you mean to while away your days sitting lazily beneath this bridge? Of course you do not! It is within your power to make the decision to skip merrily, hand in hand, over the Rainbow Bridge and unearth the treasure which awaits you on the other side. The water-energy is miraculously transformative, but too much of it at one time can also make you lazy. Stay vigilant, where this is concerned. Resist the temptation to lie back and rest on your laurels.”

Bella: “So, you are saying that this is great time to take action and begin new projects. The energy already feels so positive, and I feel as though I’ve been downloading all kinds of new ideas. What else can you share about this aspect of the energy that’s coming in?”

Haniel: “Latent potential. Unused gifts. Ideas left on the shelf, collecting dust. All the byproducts of procrastination, and all are ready to be revisited and re-examined, in order to see if they can be of use to you at the present time. I encourage all of you to either finish or discard any unfinished projects and creative ventures. Decide if they still inspire you and are of value to you now. If the answer is yes, then summon up the motivation to complete them. If the answer is no, then thank them for the joy they did bring to you and cast them on their way. Release them. They may be of great value to another. As thoughtforms, they float about the ethers, ready to be discovered and made use of by somebody else.”

Bella: Many of my friends and clients have been saying that they’re having lots of moodswings. Also, upsurges of energy or extreme fatigue. Lots of ups and downs. I’ve been feeling this way, too”
Haniel: Be not set afright by the changeability of your emotions during this time. Water makes you feel. It is that simple. Allow for the feelings. Expect to feel, and feel deeply. It helps if you examine the emotions as they occur. What are they teaching you? There is much comfort to be gleaned from the knowing that these ups and downs, as you call them, are but a natural condition of the times and that any discomfort you are experiencing is temporary. They are but another necessary step in your spiritual evolvement. Nothing at all is ‘wrong’ with you. It’s just another lesson, one of many.

The Grand Trine in water is a thing of unparallelled beauty. Perchance it is simply my own viewpoint, but I enjoy looking at the formation of the Trine as a type of unified connection. As I mentioned earlier in our conversation, I perceive it somewhat as a cooperative joining of the denser Human Self, the Higher Self and that place in-between, which many find so mysterious. That magical world where your dearest dreams are manifested into reality; the stopover place. Hence, the three points.”
Bella: “Do you have any last words of advice?”

Haniel: “Expect the unexpected. Expect the miraculous. Do not settle for anything less.”
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