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Archangel Haniel ~ Harmony is about Being ~ via Julie Miller
Posted: 01 Aug 2013 10:55 PM PDT

To have whole balance, one must be profoundly connected in harmony with their mind, body and soul – a place many strive to reach in every aspect of their journey, accepting all things as they are enabling themselves to embrace completely with new experiences.

Reaching a harmonious state doesn’t mean you are aiming for perfection or to achieve excellence in all things you do. Harmony is quite simple, it is to feel and to be, yet many find it hard to recognize. Harmony is the feeling of completeness, total happiness and fulfillment of life as it is; you have accepted and found peace within all situations and grown in deep awareness that is fundamentally satisfying. When harmony is not recognized, there are vital steps one can take to be harmonized with themselves and with the world around them. Understandably fear is the worst enemy for many that struggle bringing harmony into their lives. It is essential to develop a way to transcend your fears, and begin a new path on your journey that will deliver you to your success one-step-at-a-time. Yes patience is a requirement since it does take time for certain changes of thought patterns and way of being to take effect, knowing nothing is impossible if you want to achieve a goal bad enough.

When you embark on the self-improving mission to increase more harmonious energy into all aspects of your journey you will discover the importance of being able to define to yourself what it is you have achieved; be truthfully honest with yourself and realize and recognize the qualities you have and what you have learned up to present time. With the knowledge you gain from self-exploration you will discover what it is you really want to do on this incredible journey and where you want your journey to take you. You will begin to create action plans that will aid you to reach the goals you have created for yourself.

Being at a harmonious state means you have accepted every little and big thing about yourself; all you have done regardless if it was morally sound or not up to this present moment. Take a panoramic view of your past situations and events and try to summarize what you have gained, who have you had to let go, who is now part of your family and friends, what your achievements are, what your qualities are both good and bad, etc., and appreciate what you come up with.

Learning to listen to what your inner self has to tell you in essential. You have a lot to learn and much of your learning will come when you allow yourself to listen to what your inner self has been trying to tell you. Every time you ask a question concerning yourself and your progress, your answers will come from within. The more you learn to listen to these answers the more in harmony you will feel with your total self. Meditation is one of the best ways to focus on listening to your inner self as it also brings peace and calm to your whole being.

As we go through different ways to increase a more harmonious way of being and living, you may find yourself already thinking of ways that suit you best. Listen to the suggestions your inner self is telling you, try them out and if they don’t work to your expectations, it is not a waste of your time because you have also gained important knowledge.

Respect is something many give to others without giving to themselves. Become more respectful towards yourself and what it is you want to achieve from your journey and respect your needs along the way. The more you give selflessly, while at the same time being kind to yourself, the more satisfied you will feel. Gratefulness has always been a very healing attribute. The practice of gratitude increases your state of living and being more harmonious – discover ways to show those around you how grateful you are for their presence in your life.

When you are completely living and being from a harmonious state, you are indicating you have consciously taken complete responsibility for everything you have done; for every word, action, thought, feeling and will you have expressed. After accepting your negative qualities and characteristics, you will come to a realization which ones you need to let go and which ones you are willing to work at improving. When you are able to let go of some non-helpful qualities, you are making room for new qualities to grow and become an active part of your journey.

As you explore your inner self, you learn what is of value to you. You let go what is no longer working and discover what your truths are. Knowing what your truths are is an essential part of your becoming more harmonious with your whole self. Your truths are yours. They will not be exactly like another person’s. The principles and values that mean the most to you are also your truths, become one with them, believe in them, as they are a part of you.

Your journey is filled with so many challenges. Put time aside just for you. Don’t be afraid to be with just you. Welcome this time as a time to allow peace to settle right down into your whole being, reaching your most central core, letting go of the strain of the day even for a few precious moments. Step away from all distractions, from your phone, your computer, your television, etc., and just be. During this time of solace and solitude you will learn more of yourself and harmony will felt and known as peace and calm completely envelopes you.

Having a harmonious life provides you with unlimited opportunities on what you can do about your current life stream. Being able to un-focus from the materialistic world to a world that meaningful by helping others, yourself and becoming a productive member of your community will increase your level of happiness and the happier you feel, the more harmonious your life will become. When you are able to consciously add to another person’s life with more knowledge, help to meet their needs, provide comfort and help to increase their courage, your own life is also affected by increasing your level of living in harmony. It is greed, anger, blaming and other negative actions and feelings that remove you from attaining a more harmonious way of living.

It is understood that your journey has had many problems and great tribulations. They have brought you so much important knowledge and through those experiences you have gained an insurmountable amount of wisdom. Conflicts and difficulties will come, for the most part they are unavoidable, but you will get through each one because you are strong and courageous. Each dear soul that lives upon your Earth is different. This is not new; you know this as fact. Each of you also has a different amount of material items, your heath is different, the education received is different, the struggles to freedom is different; differences are quite apparent. But within all your differences, what remains the same is your ability to love, to show compassion, to make your life as harmonious as possible, a life that is emotionally rich because each of you deserves to live a life that is filled with harmony.

When you apply a concentrated effort to accept your life as it is, with a goal that will bring your forward along your journey, your life will always be more harmonious. Understand dear ones, living a harmonious life is never about having, it is quite simply about being. When your basic needs are met, you realize you already have everything you could ever want, satisfaction takes over that will bring along comfort, happiness and harmony will not only be felt but will become a state of being. Every time you resolve a problem, you bring along good feelings about your journey and about you that is perfect agreement with living a harmonious life. When you have calm in your heart and within your mind you are living in harmony with yourself and with your journey.

And so it is… I AM Archangel Haniel through Julie Miller

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