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Contact Your Own Divinity ~ Archangel Raphael via Marc Gamma

Posted: 24 Aug 2013 09:19 PM PDT

[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

This is I, Archangel Raphael speaking and I have another message for you Humans. During the previous days there have been visible again for us so many wonderful matters.

Many humans have decided to go forward on the path of ascension since they also have recognized that it is their very own responsibility and thus concerning ascension they must not count on us solely.

We welcome this decision and we confirm again everything we told you before that it is solely you yourselves being responsible for your very own ascension and this is something which won’t be altered in any way, my beloveds.

Arriving at the topic of today’s message which I have for you: it is something entirely new and still a very “old hat”. I want to initiate you into a very old secret resp. recall it back into your memory.

Many hundred years ago human beings knew consciously many matters which in the meantime have been dissipated up to nowadays. All these matters purposely have been made disappear from your minds or interpreted in such ways that they did not appear credible any longer and thus they were no more held for true.

Now since this has gone - ever more hidden matter is coming to the surface and this also goes for the contents of this message which I am going to submit to you. You are Light and all of you derive from our All-Creator’s Light! And there is something else and decisive too to be submitted to you, beloved humans!

You are not only light but much more than that! And when I say much more I do mean that part of you which has not incarnated here on earth. One part of you, Your Higher Self, being an essential part of you, did in fact remain on the other side of this Veil and always during all these years it tried to guide you through your life here.

And due to this “Veil of Forgetfulness” forbidding all your memories of such wonderful connection your Higher Self had been curtailed and limited in its means. Since recently The Veil has been thinned down and now has dissipated altogether this connection has been made available to you again in some optimum sense. What do I want to tell you by it?

There is no more any hindrance that you may get into contact with your Higher Self. There is nothing - but you yourself - standing in your own way! You are free and not bound any longer - bound to everything been afflicted to you - bound to all impediments to become aware of your true divinity and to recognize your connection to your Higher Self.

Cease this possibility and make use of it, my beloved humans! It is only since a few days ago that this connection to your Higher Self has been made available to you without any limitation.

You may help yourself to your Higher Self at once and for ever more in order to communicate with each other.

Please try to establish your contact and practice every day in order to overcome all difficulties. Now finally you are in some position to reach out for your true divinity on our side and you should absolutely use this opportunity.

This connection has some great benefits and once you have made use of it you will never - ever want to miss it again. After a while you will tell us and recognize too that you cannot imagine at all to go on living without this very connection.

You will recognize soon that it is that very connection which has been taken away from you due to their belief that thus you could be influenced and made obedient all the more.

And they truly have been very successful in their endeavours and it is your challenge now that you have to undo it again. It may be done by you believing in and by doing it!

We shall support and accompany you in this process and you will see: having achieved it once - it will be very simple further on.

Now go forward, my beloved humans here on earth and get into contact with your divine part on our side in order to regain all wisdom belonging to you!

With great love my beloved humans here on earth

Your Archangel Raphael


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