Archangel Gabriel via Goldenlight ~ You are a Beautiful Celestial Being Standing on the Threshold of a New Golden Age

Archangel Gabriel via Goldenlight ~ You are a Beautiful Celestial Being Standing on the Threshold of a New Golden Age
Posted: 02 Sep 2013 07:33 PM PDT

By Goldenlight ~ The Golden Light Channel: Higher Frequency Information from the Angelic Realms for the Golden Age upon the New Earth

Dear friends, please enjoy this channeled message from Archangel Gabriel tonight. If you listen to the audio version, you may wish to enjoy this lying down in a meditative state to absorb the pure golden energies of this beautiful archangel who I believe to be one of my main guides. Enjoy! ~ Love, Goldenlight

One is the number of purity and Archangel Gabriel came through most strongly and beautifully tonight. Welcome everyone to September! Over the last year or so I have been gradually meeting, one at a time, each of the archangels in my Council of Angels. It started with Archangel Michael, then I became aware of Archangel Gabriel, and that led into me knowing of Archangel Raphael. This past summer, Archangel Raphael made a strong appearance in helping me to create a business plan for my art and I have many, many paintings planned. Recently Archangel Zadkiel who is of the Violet flame has also come into my awareness. And there are a couple of others too which are going to come into awareness soon. Each of these angels exist on a different ray of color.

Tonight I did some work on an Archangel Zadkiel painting and an Archangel Gabriel painting, and…the Archangel Gabriel painting is simply stunning and beautiful….it’s a beautiful artistic representation of this beautiful, beautiful Archangel. Gabriel I believe to me my main angelic guide. I have been in the field of communication and art for most of my career, and Archangel Gabriel is on this wavelength of communication, beauty and art…..also the colors of AA Gabriel is a pearlescent white and gold, and these have been two of the main colors I have resonated with throughout my entire life.

It was wonderful today to bring in this angelic energy of AA Gabriel in this beautiful gold and white painting…it’s just heavenly and…when it comes time to sell it, it’s going to be hard to let go of it (lol) because it’s so beautiful! But I will create another one! I think I’m also going to be planning an Archangel II Series after this one is finished. These ones are 20″x20″ square and the series II will be larger. So if any of these get sold out, you’ll have another chance down the road to enjoy these beautiful archangelic essences which are coming through my art…it’s just beautiful, beautiful energy.

Tonight I’m going to be bringing through a message from Archangel Gabriel…….and Archangel Gabriel is so near, as always….this angel is always around me, and…so much of my life is about communication and art and this beautiful angelic energy is such a part of me that I cannot even separate the energy. I feel like I’m such a part of this angel……..
So we have a nice message tonight that is going to come through now:

Archangel Gabriel: One of the things that is going to be becoming much more prominent in this beautiful Golden Age that we are entering into, is that there will be a much finer appreciation of art and beauty in all of its forms. The appreciation of art and beauty will not be relegated to something that is an extra luxurious thought process that is not necessary to life….because beauty and art are mixed in with life; they are part of life. You really cannot separate the two, and its the artists in life that are bringing forth this beautiful, divine energy, and expressing it into form.

And these beautiful paintings that this channel is doing…we are loving this beautiful energy that she is bringing through with this beautiful divine expression of these angelic rays. And we are so honored to have her bringing this art thorough…it is such a beautiful energy, this energy of the Goldenlight channel. And we encouraged this channel, about a year ago, to start this beautiful website that she is creating, and we also encouraged her to create this art studio which she created last fall.

And she started her painting this Spring and we are very, very, very pleased with all of this work that she is doing and this beautiful art that she’s bringing forth..this Divine Essence which is being created into form, and recreated into form over and over,…this bringing forth of this beautiful energy of our archangelic realm.

And we want you to know that you will be enjoying so much beauty and art in your new Golden Era, which you are on the precipice now. You are on the threshold of a golden arch or doorway, so to speak, of this beautiful Golden Age on Earth. And you will be reuniting with so many of your star brethren and so many of your star families that surround your beautiful Earth. And you will be reuniting with the beautiful higher dimensional beings who are living on the Inner Earth in the Agarthan realm. These are the beings who are continuing their journeys from the civilizations Atlantis and Lemuria which were existing on the outer earth many eons ago, 25,000s of years ago.

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.
September 1, 2013

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