Archangel Gabriel's Daily Channeled Messages

for July 16 - August 5, 2013 ~ via Shelley Young
Posted: 05 Aug 2013 09:25 PM PDT

Shelley's Note: Please note, these messages do not expire the day after they are posted. :) They are pertinent to the days, weeks and months ahead, and many are general spiritual guidance that would apply at any time. Please know that if you would like to read the daily messages on the day they are received, you can do so by liking Trinity Esoterics on Facebook, following us on twitter @trinityesoteric or checking our website

July 16, 2013
A wonderful way to enhance your gratitude practice is to start substituting the phrase 'get to' for the phrase 'have to'. For example, if you wake up and think, "I have to go to work today", turn it into "I get to go to work today." Rather than, "I have to drive the kids today", use "I get to drive the kids today." 'Have to' has a sense of obligation and has an underlying tone of resentment and resistance. 'Get to' immediately shifts your focus onto the blessings of whatever your situation is and supports flow and appreciation. It is a simple, very effective way to embrace all aspects of your day. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 17, 2013
Dear Ones, hear us when we say that you have every last thing you need in place for whenever you may need it. You are such doers and fixers! Remember that the flow will take you to exactly where you need to be and to whatever elements or supports you may need as you navigate your life expression.

Look at the energies flooding your planet! If your pineal gland needs activating, the energies will facilitate that. Just as your physical body has innate intelligence that knows exactly what to do to grow and evolve, so does your spiritual body. The universe is absolutely creating the perfect elements for your evolution. There is no specific meditation, attunement, or activation required as the sun and other planets, the energetic influx you are receiving, the guides and helpers, and your beloved Gaia are taking care of it beautifully. Of course, if it brings you joy to feel that you are doing something to assist the process, we encourage you to continue. But please know that you will not "miss the boat" if you do not partake in a certain activity.

If you do nothing more than surrender, stay in the flow and practice gratitude, acceptance, allowing, and BEing, you will be living from your highest vibrational state and navigating your path with the greatest ease, love, support, joy, beauty and excitement you've ever known. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 18, 2013
We often hear humans say how they wish they could be children again. Childhood is such a simpler, more magical time because children, having just come forth from Source, naturally hold those more empowered traits. Children follow their joy and every day is spent in the pursuit of fun and enjoyment. They stay present in each Now moment. They are very clear on what they want, and do not worry about the future or dwell on the past. They are masterful creators because they have no doubt their needs will be met. The young see the wonder all around them, their days are filled with new experiences, and they are quick to forgive each other. They also embrace their imaginations which allows them to create and flow and feel their connection to all things. Children are very energetically sensitive and trust what they feel. You can very easily reconnect with that lost innocence of childhood by embracing all of these traits, which are the very same traits we urge you to embrace as enlightening human beings to live a life of creation, ease, excitement and joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 19, 2013
Gratitude is one of the most multi-functional tools a human being can use. Gratitude has a grounding effect. It is a very empowering practice that supports your creative efforts through the law of attraction, because it focuses on what is right in your life and removes your focus from what you do not want. It provides clear feedback to the universe about what you would like more of, as well as energetically anchoring those desirable elements into your experience. By choosing to feel gratitude, you automatically shift into the Now, which is where the magic is. It is a heart centred emotion. The practice of gratitude shifts you into a very high vibrating energy that is similar to prayer, as it is also a means of communicating with Source. In fact, it can often be a higher frequency than prayer, as prayer is frequently filled with requests and a focus on lack, while gratitude simply rejoices for the bounty of abundance in your life. Gratitude also acts as a steering wheel for the flow and a powerful means of co-creation. The use of gratitude will facilitate vibrational adjustment for yourself and affect change in any area of your life you are perceiving as problematic. It is an incredibly powerful tool that is always available to you. In fact, you could say it is an alchemical tool as it has the power to transform any area of your life. Again, we say, if you do nothing more than practice gratitude, you will be doing more than enough to change your life in the most remarkable ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 20, 2013

Do you have attitude or gratitude? ~Archangel Gabriel

July 21, 2013
As most of you know, we stress the importance of the flow as the most effective means of navigating and living an empowered life expression, with the most assistance and ease possible. But did you know there is another, very important aspect of the flow? When you are not in resistance and in the flow, you become a wonderful instrument of service that the universe and Source can work through, as well. Have you ever noticed that when you are in the flow, you often run into a person you haven't seen in a long time, or end up offering words of kindness or assistance to another? The flow will always allow you to show up at the perfect place, at the perfect time, for yourself and for others, and is a vital tool for the human being who wishes to be of service and make a difference to humanity. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 22, 2013
In the older, pre-awakening energies of your planet, the keeping of secrets and the hiding of information was commonplace. It was done to control the masses and keep people from moving forward on their own journey to authentic power. As the energies have evolved and shifted, this old way of doing things is no longer supported. Truth, transparency, integrity, and being energetically congruent are what is being supported moving forward. Your internet is a powerful tool that is assisting this process immensely. It works from a system that is impossible to censor, putting information, in real time, in the hands and awareness of the people. The internet is also allowing members of soul groups to find each other and reunite like never before. We would go so far as to say that the enlightenment of your planet would be extremely difficult without your internet because it is creating a global community. Of course, with all things, discernment is key. It is important to embrace what resonates with you and lifts you up energetically and leave the rest behind. But used mindfully, the internet is yet another powerful energetic support, put in place to assist, empower and unify the enlightening human beings and your beloved planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 23, 2013
The enlightening human being understands their sacred relationship with their guides. They know that they must ask for help, and that at all times their free will is sacred and honoured. They see their guides as part of a wonderful support system that is ready and willing to help, immediately and lovingly, should the help be desired. We find it interesting that humans love and embrace this arrangement, yet rather than carrying this same model on with their friends and family, they instead meddle, rescue, "fix", and generally lose their boundaries with others! Dear Ones, one of the greatest gifts you can give another is to honour their free will and encourage them to express themselves as the experts of their own lives. If you follow the wonderful model your guides have given you, you will be practicing acceptance and allowing for others with ease, and will be wonderfully encouraging your loved ones to step into their own authentic power as co-creators of their own unique life expressions. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 24, 2013
The vast majority of human beings agree that peace is what they want, both for themselves and for the planet, but for many peace is a vague notion. What is peace to you? More importantly, to anchor the energies of peace on your planet, what are you doing to experience peace within yourself? As with all creation, it must begin within. You may say, I find peace when I am at the lake, or on vacation, which of course, is wonderful. But what do you do to find peace within yourself when you cannot go to those places? Practicing acceptance and allowing, which really are aspects of faith, facilitate a feeling of peace. Also, of course, being still, embracing the Now, meditation, gratitude, forgiveness both for self and others, and simple pleasures all support the energies of peace within self. It is when the human beings of the planet find and nurture that place of peace within, that your planet will move into the age of peace and enlightenment that you all wanting to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 25, 2013
Are you getting lost in the chaos of your own life? Do you find yourself wishing for more time? Do you feel like your life is passing you by without really living it? When you are wishing you had more time, you are really wishing you had more flow, more calm, more joy, more connection to Self and to Source. Listen to the yearning of your soul. It will always lead you to greater balance and exactly what you need, if you allow it to take the lead. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 26, 2013
There is an old, pervasive belief system among humans that many of the things you desire will evade you until death. You will not get forgiveness from God or others until you pass over. You will not be free from pain. You will finally be at peace. This comes from the old model that life is some cross to bear, that earth contains suffering and death contains release. Dear Ones, while for many that may be their experience, please hear us when we say that you need not wait until you transition out of the body to experience the things you desire! You are a creator on the earth just as much as you are a creator on the other side! This is a classic example of an extremely limiting belief system that is based on you being powerless and God being all powerful. You are ALL a piece of God/Source and you have every right, every opportunity, every ability to start creating your perfect outcome no matter where you are. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 27, 2013
Enlightening human beings are so wonderfully mindful. They are often concerned whether the decisions they make are empowering and their highest choice. Let us give you some simple ways to be sure. Are you in a state of surrender and flow? Surrender and flow are states the ego self, the part that seeks to keep you small, cannot operate in, as the ego only works through contraction and control. Have you made your decision from an empowered space, from a place of calm BEingness? If your ego is leading the way, it rarely feels peaceful, but often feels pressured, worried and fearful. Finally, your highest creations come together with grace and ease, and are on the path of least resistance. If what you are trying to accomplish requires monumental effort with minimal gain, you are not in a space that is being energetically supported, which means it is not for your highest good. Do you see? Grace and ease, surrender and flow, are the traits of the New Earth creations. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 28, 2013
If you wake up, every day, with the intention of expressing who you really are and surrender to the flow, you will find yourself not only having the most marvellous day, you will also find yourself being presented with many opportunities to make a difference to those you interact with. You will be a true instrument of service for yourself, others, and your beloved planet, assured that you are always in the exact right place, at the exact right time. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 29, 2013
One of the things enlightening human beings are consumed with is their quest for their perfect love partner. Many of you have no trouble finding a partner, but have trouble turning that partnership into something that is sustainable over a longer period of time. For many of you, you feel like if you could only find the right partner, everything would be fine. There are a few flaws in that premise.

Looking for completion from an external never works. You cannot draw to you better than what you energetically hold. If you seek unconditional love, love yourself unconditionally! The more whole, healthy and balanced you are, the more that will be reflected back to you in a relationship.

The greatest indicator of a long lasting relationship, Dear Ones, comes from having similar levels of integrity. If you do not, invariably, your relationship will eventually sever.

As you move into unity consciousness on your planet, you are also looking for that in your close relationships. That means looking for acceptance, allowing, kindness, mindfulness, supported and continued personal growth, unconditional love, compassion for the all, and similar values. If you make those traits "must haves" as you intend to find a new love, and nurture those same traits in yourself, you will draw to you a relationship that is built on a firm foundation that has the potential, not only to last, but to support and uplift all involved. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 30, 2013
Dear Ones, you do not need to make others wrong in order to make yourselves right. When humanity finally embraces that truth, when you step out of the energies of having to defend your beliefs, is when you will finally, finally take a giant step toward the peace you all seek to experience on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

July 31, 2013
We often tell you that surrender and flow are the way to what you wish to experience, yet surrender and flow seem very difficult for humans to do. But what if we told you there is a time when you do experience surrender and flow and the bliss it leads to and you do it very willingly? When the physical body reaches a climactic state is a perfect example of this. It is often through such surrender, flow and climax that you experience your greatest co-creations, as well. Do you see? Surrender and flow do not need to be scary propositions to you, Dear Ones. In fact, if you take that openness to surrender and flow and apply it to all areas of your life, you will see that it always takes you to your highest outcome. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 1, 2013
A great many humans are consumed with a myriad of details and decisions as they live their lives. Your life expressions have become so very complicated! Most of these things are distractions to keep you from stilling yourselves long enough to connect with what really matters, your Self and Source. No wonder so many of you are feeling stressed and battered! You are on sensory overload! Dear Ones, still yourselves. Breathe. BE. Connect. Embrace peace and quiet, daily, at least for a little while and get to know your inner selves again. The calm helps you connect to the inner and outer beauty, the true beauty, of your lives. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 2, 2013
Do you wish you were always in the right place at the right time? The way you can ensure that is always the case is to commit to staying in the flow. It is through the flow that the amazing synchronicities that are the signature of the universe working in your favour are experienced. Surrender, Dear Ones, and flow! Float and swirl as a delighted co-creator in the universal stream of your highest good, enjoying the magic and scenery of each Now moment like an excited child on a ride at an amusement park, feeling the absolute joy of being alive. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 3, 2013
What is your idea of success? Because the energies change so much between generations, it likely isn't the same as your parents' idea of success. A great number of human beings never feel fulfilled because they are measuring themselves against a model of success that simply is not theirs. Know that your idea of success and your child's idea of success will likely be entirely different, as well. Each generation arrives with specific energies to bring to the planet, with unique goals and aspirations. The best way to navigate your incarnation, and the best advice you can give, is to follow your own unique passions and your internal guidance system. Your soul knows exactly what it is in the body to do and experience, and if you follow those inner urgings you simply cannot make a mistake. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 4, 2013
The fairy tale paradigm is both the most powerful and the most detrimental in your society. On one hand, it is powerful because it teaches that dreams come true, and encourages the belief that you can live happily ever after. But on the other hand, it glamorizes the idea of needing to be saved, and worse, the idea that you can be made whole from an external. How many people, to this day, just wish to be rescued because it has been so romanticized? Like all other belief systems, we encourage you to take from the stories the parts that resonate and leave the rest behind.

A greater story, we believe, would be that of the girl who learned to release her victim consciousness, to be her own hero and love herself unconditionally, and by embracing her truth as a beloved aspect of Source, shone brightly like a beautiful goddess, and from that firm foundation drew in all the elements to create the life of her dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

August 5, 2013
Dear Ones, please know that you make a tremendous difference! Your unique vibration is a vital part of your beloved planet's energetics and is helping to assist her through the enlightenment process you are all a part of. When you meditate, it helps. When you pray, it helps. When you demonstrate kindness, compassion, love, joy, intention, flow, surrender, acceptance, allowing, it helps. When you practice gratitude, it helps. Every single time you decide to embrace your light and your truth, it helps. Never underestimate the wondrous effect your BEingness has on your planet and on others. You are far more powerful than you have come to accept, and oh, so magnificent in so many ways! ~Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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